Blair Witch – Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 begins immediately after the Prologue, once you regain control of Ellis after he drops down the ledge into the heavily wooded area. It is a more open area, full of trees covered with police tape.

Use the walkie talkie to call Sheriff Lanning and let him know you are joining the search (much to the chagrin of the other searchers). Walk down the path and eventually you will be stopped to view a quick tutorial about how to use Bullet. Once the tutorial is over keep moving forward until you receive a text from Jess. Check your phone to read the text, and call her back if you like.

Once you are done messing with the phone, press on down the path. Keep walking until you reach the puddles of water. Walk past them keeping your eye out for a rock formation with an opening covered with some weeds. Look into the weeds and you will see an object buried in the dirt. Command Bullet to retrieve and he will bring it to you. Ellis realizes it is the missing boy Peter’s hat. Let Bullet smell the hat and he take off following the scent.

Bullet will lead you into a bunch of weeds, triggering a scene where Ellis falls off a ledge and passes out momentarily. When you wake up you will be in some strange trenches without Bullet. Wander around until Ellis’ PTSD flashback totally takes over, at which point Bullet will rush to your rescue. When you regain control Bullet will start leading you once again, eventually bringing you to the abandoned camp.

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