Blair Witch – Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 begins as soon as Ellis wakes up from the flashback triggered by picking up the camcorder at the end of the previous chapter.

Begin by walking over to the same rock as before and grabbing the camcorder once again. This time you get to keep it, and the game will quickly teach you about the red tapes. Watch the tape titled “The Clue” until you see Peter set down the police car toy on the ground. Exit out of the camcorder view and you will see the police car sitting near the fire pit.

Pick up the toy car and show it to Bullet and he will instantly take off after the scent. Follow him until he gets scared of something, and you hear static coming from your walkie talkie. Walk forward and you will see an effigy hanging from the trees. Grab it and destroy it to claim a victim photo. Keep walking down this path and you will eventually reach a ledge. Drop down to proceed to the next area.

Once you regain control you will get a call from Lanning, which begins Chapter 4.

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