Blair Witch – Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 begins immediately after Ellis’ tense walkie talkie chat with Sheriff Lanning.

Once you are out of the conversation start following the path forward, or follow Bullet as he trots ahead of you. Eventually you will come across a sort of pond. Take an immediate right and keep an eye on the rocky ledge to your left. You will see a bunch of weeds with an interact icon for Bullet on them. Command Bullet to fetch and he will retrieve a new tape titled “The Friendly Chat” which shows a conversation between the Sheriff and a mysterious man.

When you are done viewing the tape keep following along the path until you reach the other side of the pond. There you should find two large rocks outline a path forward. Proceed onto the path and you will emerge on the other side in front of a strange white tree. Discovering this tree will trigger another tense walkie talkie chat.

Once the chat is over you have a few options. To the right you should see a path leading to a broken down old car, as well as a lit up trench area with a staircase leading to a locked bunker. Walking into the trench area will trigger another walkie conversation, and when it ends Bullet should bring you a Red Tape titled “The Breadcrumb Trail”. In it we see a tree falling, and Peter dropping a baseball on the ground. For now pause the video when Peter drops the ball, and when you exit the camcorder view the ball will be on the ground in the trench.

After yet another short walkie chat have Bullet sniff the ball and then follow him when he runs off. At this point you can encounter the first forest monster. These monsters hate light, and can be defeated by shining the flashlight on them. However “defeating” the monsters with the flashlight may affect what ending you get (more testing needed). If you want to avoid the monster, simply switch over to the camcorder with night vision. Its much harder to see this way, but keeps you from angering the monster.

At this point you should be able to see a faint red light in the distance. Head toward it to reach a new area with a crashed cart and fallen tree blocking the path. Watch the Red Tape again, stopping it at the point where the tree is raised, then pass under the tree to find a broken bridge. When you approach the bridge you will get a call from Lanning saying he found the tree, and to come meet him there. Make your way back to the tree, which triggers another conversation because (surprise!) he isn’t there.

When this conversation ends the monster will appear again. Either fight him off with the flashlight, or run away to where the broken car was. I say was because when you arrive the car will be fully repaired. Try to get inside to discover the door is locked. Grab the note off the window, which instructs you to make a call to Ch.3 on your walkie talkie. Do this to trigger a quick cutscene. When it ends Bullet will bring you the truck keys. Unlock the door and get inside.

Once inside the car try and turn it on to learn the battery is out. Get out of the truck and open the hood, then interact with the battery to reconnect it. Get back in the truck and use the radio to trigger a cutscene which results in you getting a text message containing the combination to get into the locked bunker from earlier (this won’t be useful until your second playthrough, so disregard for now).

Next check the fusebox under the steering wheel. Remove the two broken fuses (5 and 7) and then move the 10 amp from 2 and place it in 5, then remove the 20 amp from 6 and put it in 7. This will complete the puzzle. Hit the cigarretee lighter to complete the puzzle, and trigger a sudden timeskip to the next day.

Get out of the truck, then take the left path in front of you and walk until you can drop down a ledge. You will get back cell signal and receive some texts from Jess. Call her if you want, otherwise keep going until you reach the river. Cross the river and keep walking down the path on the other side, until you reach a small clearing where a cutscene will begin, leading you into Chapter 5.

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