Blair Witch – Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 begins when Ellis lets go of Bullet after his PTSD flashback.

Once you let go of Bullet he should begin barking at an an item, a Victim Photo hidden behind a log. Grab the photo, then start progressing along the trail in front of you until you reach a cliff. You can’t progress that way, so go left and take the descending path where you will find a railroad track, and a sign directing you to the Sawmill and Camp A. The way towards the Sawmill is blocked by more of the leaf monsters, so head towards Camp A instead.

Follow the tracks until you cross a bridge. On the other side you should find a cart. Get on the cart, read the instructions to learn how to operate it, then unlock the brake and push the direction level forward to start moving ahead. The cart will go back across the bridge but the scene has changed. You will arrive at Camp A instead, and see a downed tree blocking your path. Engage the brake, hop off the cart, walk over and interact with the switch lever to redirect the tracks, and then immediately start exploring the camp.

On the left side of the camp is a cabin with a locked front door. Check the table on the left side of the cabin to find a Red Tape, “The Machine”. Watch the tape to learn how to work the Steam Donkey, then pause the Red Tape when it shows the door to the cabin opening. Head inside and grab the items off the table, then inspect the map to see where you need to go next.

Next up go look at the Steam Donkey on the other side of the camp, which you need to use to move the downed tree. Inspect it to learn there are some missing pieces. You need to collect them from other locations along the tracks. Hop back on the cart and undo the brake to keep moving down the tracks. If you didn’t engage the switch lever correctly you will go down the wrong track, at which point you need to reverse and change the lever to proceed.

As you go down the track keep an eye on the right side. When you see a glowing red light engage the brake and hop off. The red light is a gas generator. If you interact with it it will light up this area, but also anger the monsters hiding nearby. If you are going for a pacifist run you need to walk toward the house (barely visible in the nearby trees) while pointing your camera down. Do not use the flashlight. You can use the camcorder’s night vision to get some information (if you don’t care about the pacifist run, turn on the generator then fend off the monsters with your flashlight).

When you reach the house you can go in the front door and grab the note on the table inside, or just go around the back and look through the window where you will see one of the Steam Donkey parts. Command Bullet to fetch the part, then head back to the cart once you have it in hand. Disengage the break and keep moving ahead towards Camp B.

When you reach Camp B engage the brake as usual and get off the cart. Again, you will see a gas generator nearby. Using it will wake the monsters, so decide whether or not you want to fight them and proceed accordingly. You need to follow the tracks until you reach the far back of this area.

You will see a path surrounded by piles of wood. Start walking along this path until you see a log hanging over your head. Climb up the wood pile (look for the two smaller logs that form a path), then cross the larger log to reach a second broken Steam Donkey. Grab the other Steam Donkey part off the side of this machine, then head back to the cart.

Get back in the cart and start moving forward again. You will cross another bridge and end up back at Camp A. Go over to the Steam Donkey and place the parts back on the machine. Watch the Red Tape again and pause it at the point where the man closes the gate on the Steam Donkey’s furnace. Interact with the valve you attached, turning it until the needle is in the green area on the pressure gauge. Then turn the valve back and forth, making sure the needle stays in the green until the Steam Donkey finishes moving the tree off the tracks.

Once the tree is out of the way you can flip the switch lever back to its normal position, then get back in the cart and proceed forward on the newly opened path. This path will take you back to the first sign that points toward the Sawmill. Now that you are on the cart you can safely cross the leaves. This section is basically a long cutscene, so just watch until the cart reaches its destination, beginning Chapter 9.

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