Bless Unleashed – Onwards Patsy Guide PC (1 Million Travel Distance)

In this guide, I will teach you how to complete the 1 Million Travel Distance on Mount Quest “Onwards Patsy” and to get 100% on 2nd Campaign.

1 Million Travel Distance

Step 1

Set your mount controls to control type B as the video shows

  • ESC > Options > Settings > User Control > Change the mount controls type to B.

Step 2

Now find a open area where there is no obstacles that you might bump into while you AFK.

Best places to afk are Carzacor, near star seed exchange lady.

Ruins of Tristezza Castle, in the middle there is a spot where npc will train combat, you can afk there in the middle.

Sperios City, Near Sentinels Union HQ, anywhere around that part is best to afk.

Step 3

Summon your mount and Press “W” two times… that means you have to double press W and then keep something heavy on A or D buttons on your keyboard.

I used an old Batman Fidget Spinner to Hold the D button on place and you can use what ever you want.

Created by Axiata

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