Blood Bowl 3 – Instant / Fast Achievements Guide

A guide containing achievements that can be completed pretty much instantly – some of which can be done without even playing a match, which is kinda ridiculous, and how to unlock them.

How to Obtain Instant Achievements

The guide also contains achievements that can be unlocked quickly so you can focus on farming out some of the harder ones. I am not including the win a match as team achievements as they are pretty self explanatory.

Keep in mind it is best to farm most achievements in offline mode as they are notorious for not unlocking in online.

Instant Achievements

Following achievements can be unlocked instantly in the menu:

  1. “I’m not playing by their rules anymore”
  2. “Nuffle I have never prayed to you before”
  3. “You are few, we are many”
  • Make a Skaven team and select manual template.
  • Buy only lineman or cheapest unit until you reach the minimum team amount (11).
  • Purchase all rerolls should be able to get all 8. Don’t waste any other cash as it will be irrelevant for achievement.
  • Register the team into a competition, should unlock all three achievements immediately.
  • Can delete the team afterwards. May have to play out a match if need, I didn’t need to however.
  • May work with other teams such as Black Orc.

Fast Achievements

Following achievements should be unlocked in your first game or in first few games:

  1. “First of many”

It is pretty likely you will score one touchdown even if you lose.

  1. “Fly you fools!”

Create a team that has BOTH a big guy and a small player with “the right stuff” trait and use it in your first match. For example: Orcs, Humans, Old World Alliance, Black Orcs etc. My suggestion is OWA using a treeman with take root and 1-2 halflings, which allowed me to do it on my first game using them.

Whilst playing through the game try and keep the treeman and 1-2 halfings nearby him and after completing your main actions each turn just throw one of the halfings ONE square to ensure best likelihood of success and walk the other back into proximity ready for the next turn. If you’re lucky should be successful on first throw.


Setup > Throw one halfling > End turn > Move thrown halfling back to treeman > Throw other halfling. Rinse and repeat. There is a chance that both halflings could be injured in which case bad luck have to try again or reload.

  1. “A swallow carrying a coconut?”

Keep cycling strategy used for “Fly you fools!” and you should complete two throws in the same match.

4. “More reliable than Horatio X. Schottenheim”

Should have enough cash depending on the team value of your opposition. But just buy it and use it at some point in the match. If you arent able to get enough cash then play against a higher level AI or set up a competition in online and set TV for AI as high as possible, may be able to get both spell achievements in one game if not repeat.

  1. “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Same as “More reliable than Horatio X. Schottenheim”

  1. “Call in an experienced professional”

Same as “More reliable than Horatio X. Schottenheim”

Obviously you wont have enough cash to buy all from 4-6 in your first game so focus on doing one or two, then keep completing as you play games. Shouldn’t take long at all.

Potentially Fast Achievements (RNG/Skill)

Following achievements CAN be unlocked in your first game or in first few games with a bit of luck and skill:

  1. “A good death is its own reward”

RNG, but 1 kill is likely. Just focus on blocking where possible and maximise players around the player blocking to support.

  1. “Are you not entertained?”

Once again RNG, but if you get this quickly you are a lucky person. Theoretically can happen in first few games but I didnt have much luck with this one. Chaos Chosen, Orc teams and Dwarves are your best bet.

  1. “Killing machine”

Same as “A good death is its own reward”

  1. “Madness? This is blood bowl!”

Focus on using your players on the sides to slowly push the outer opponent towards the edge and into the crowd. Use push instead of block to speed this up, as the turn it takes for a prone player to jump up slows progress down.

Going to group the following together to save time as they are all similar:

  1. “Next Challenge”
  2. “They will not pass”
  3. “Thats how you do it”
  4. “The mark of champions”
  5. “On a roll”

Obviously results will vary heavily on these due to luck and player skill.

The only one i wasn’t able to complete in the first few games was 8, which needed a fast team to get the points up.

Fast teams will make this much easier, but obviously just focus on playing fast and going for scores as quickly as possible. Ideally you need to aim for 2 touchdowns each half for 3 games. It easier with skaven/elves playing against slower teams. Make a competition in online if need and set dwarves as opponent.

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