Blood: Fresh Supply – Chosen-in-Regress Made Easy (Flamingo Edition)

The Beast is to Blood what the Marauder is to Doom Eternal: a resilient and challenging encounter that requires your focus whenever they’re on you. Luckily for you, the hardest enemy in the game has its approaches to make the fight easier and less demanding on ressources.

The best part is: the starring weapon of this guide is also the one most abundant in ammunition i.e. The Boomstick!


The Beast has two attacks:

  • An Earthquake that has a strange reach and can bypass armor. It is initiated with a left leg stomp (picture down below)
  • A melee attack, which can be endured through blue armor

The earthquake attack is the most devastating, and is usually triggered upon being in upper to medium range to it.

The melee attack is triggered when closing distance with it. It is about as easy to dodge as a gargoyle claw attack so we want to get as close and personal to the Beast as comfortly possible.

As you understood, the death zone has a donut shape. Being outside of it may be safe but you won’t maintain that distance for long. Even then, your damage output is not optimal if you’re too far. You want to be up to 5 meters away.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Shoot Them

Short answer: In the knees.

Long answer: The bulk of your damage is not from your shots. It may seem unusual but the enemies are as susceptible to fall damage as your Ash Williams wannabe protagonist is.

You can force that fall damage on to beasts by fully aiming downward and jumping so your crosshair is on them. Shooting both barrels will bring enough force to inflict fall damage. The more force, the more damage the “fall” deals. I recommend using the Gun Akimbos powerup so you can fully appreciate how deadly that tech can be.

It’s worth nothing that a succesful shot will do two things:

  • Audio cue: the Beast will make a distinct scream upon taking a lot of damage as once. That’s when you know you landed it like a champ.
  • Knockback: the beast may be pushed far enough to no longer be in the ideal position. Close the gap back during its stun state so you won’t have to worry about the vile stomp.

Rinse and repeat until the monster is finally down.

Fun Fact: It also works on Shial. I managed to one-shot her in the last level thanks to the Gun Akimbos!

Approaching the Level

I made a Youtube video for the occasion.

Put simply, try dealing with them one by one, there is no need to make things harder for yourself.

The first Cultist is already on his own: try clearing the acid plant on the left, then reach for the Gun Akimbos and have at him (careful not to shoot another cultist accidentally.)

In the guide, I used the Tesla expressely for the achievement. You could also shoot 2 to 3 flares at the Maranax bastard until he turns into the Beast.

Kill it as described in the previous section then head back to the corridor on the left side of the map. No plant will bother you this time. A structure seperates the last two cultists so don’t worry about bringing in more company.

Before killing the last guy you could clear the remaining plants so that will be the only thing left to butcher in the map.

Additional Off Topic Notes

If you play Custom Maps/Episodes

This tech will come in handy whenever you’re short on ammunition for the Tesla Cannon or Napalm Lanucher. I end up using those for groups of enemies instead, since it’s more economical to use the Tech on Beasts and Shial.

Why Flamingo Edition?

Well if you think about it, you’re inflicting hydraulic presses level of forces aiming at the guy’s legs. SCP-106 would have a field trip if you could do this to every soul unfortunate enough to cross you.

Friendly Reminder

Never hyperextend your legs when doing bench press. Any load above 200lbs should warrant this disclaimer because being a flamingo is no bueno. Work according to your capacity and progressively add weight. Don’t skip leg day either.

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