Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Easy and Quick Way to Get the Bloodstained Achievement / Trophy

Bloodstained Achievement / Trophy Guide

Take in a large quantity of blood.

What is Blood?

You may not have consciously noticed, but when an enemy gets hit, you may see a blood scatter effect. It is this blood that you will need to obtain for the shard to work.

Conjure Shard: Blood Steal

You will need to equip the Conjure shard Blood Steal, obtained by beating the boss Bloodless (the vampire-like lady in all red, with the red umbrella).


To get as much blood as possible, you will want to minimise your damage (ATK and STR stat) to get more hits in. Swap out all your gear that increases these two stats and choose a sharp weapon with the lowest damage. I used Lethal Boots with 14 ATK, but you can use or buy the cheapest dagger you can find. If you have the Safe Ring, use that, as it will decrease your ATK by 10. If not, don’t worry, you’ll get the achievement quite quickly anyway.

Farming Location

Head to the location Entrance, by exiting your home base and heading right. You’re looking for the second corridor, as shown in the picture.


There are lots of Mortes (sludge monsters) and Bats in this area. There are also a few Ghosts and a single Gieremund (dog).

Combat Approach

Take it slow so you hit all the bats and use the shard every few kills to absorb the blood. Once you’ve cleared the room, exit and reenter. Repeat this several times (it took less then 10x for me) and you should have the achievement.

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