Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Short Guide for Beginner and Speed Run (Not Spoilers)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Short guide for beginner and speed run (not spoilers)!


1-Galleon Minerva: Boss.
2-Entrance: Boss.
3-Dian Cecht Cathedral: Craftwork (Boss’s shards).
4-Livre EX Machine: Double Jump (Boss’s shards).
5-Towers of Twin Dragons: Get Silver Bromide (item in Boss’s zone).
6-Arvantville: Get photograph.
7-Livre EX Machina: Talk to OD.
8-Bridge of Evil: Boss.
9-Underground Sorcry Lab: Reflector Ray (Boss’s shards).
10-Dian Cecht Cathedral: Blood Steal (Boss’s shards).
11-Entrance: Use Blood Steal in “Blood pool”.
12-Forbidden Underground Waterway / Aquastream.
13-Hidden Desert: Deep Sinker (shards in Boss’s zone).
14-Secret Sorcery Lab.
15-Inferno Cave: Invert (Boss’s shards).
16-Towers of Twin Dragons: Get Aegis Plate.
17-Oricntal Sorcery Lab: Get Zangetsuto (Boss’s Katana).
18-Hall of Termination: Bad end or Attack Red Moon.
19-Garden of Silence: Attack Red Moon.
20-Den of Behemoths: Boss.
21-Glacial Tomb: Good end.

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