Bloons TD 6 – CHIMPS Strategy

Disclaimer: This is not a CHIMPS guide, this is just a strategy I don’t see many people use that is extremely simple and effective. A good amount of game knowledge and skill is still required, but if you have no idea what strategies to use for CHIMPS this works.


The strategy is pretty simple. Just make it through early game, get a Necromancer to deal with the early-mid game, and save for Spirit of the Forest. Try to place this guy in a central position near the track for maximum power.

Add a MOAB Glue at the front and a few MOAB Presses and Bloon Sabotages for utility, throw down maybe a spectre or two, and watch as SotF gets over half of the total pops.

I don’t see SotF used very often as the main T5, and it has a lot of potential. With the power of the underused Necromancer midgame carry to save up to it, this strategy can deal a lot of damage.

Created by Penrosian

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