Bloons TD 6 – How to Easily Grind the Golden Bloons

The golden bloon was brought back from BTD5 to BTD6 in update 24. The golden bloon give a varying amount of monkey money when popped and can be useful during those grinding secessions. The golden bloon has a whooping 5 achievements tied to it, including popping 500 of them, so popping them is worth your time. This guide will show you an efficient way to pop and grind for the golden bloon.

The Golden Bloon’s Basic Mechanics

The golden bloon has a lot of different factors to keep in mind while trying to pop and grind them, such as the fact that you don’t lose lives from it, so here are some of the basic things you should know about the golden bloon:

  • The golden bloon will spawn on all game modes (except deflation mode) and will appear once in every ten round section of the game you’re in, so anywhere between 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, etc. all the way up to freeplay mode. Meaning that 2 will spawn on easy difficulty, 4 on medium, 6 on hard, and 8 on impoppable.
  • Every time the golden bloon spawns it gains a new property, making it harder everytime it spawns, however the order in which it gains the properties is not random but it is fixed into this order: From rounds 21-30 is has no additional properties, from rounds 31-40 is has camo properties, from rounds 41-50 is has lead properties, from rounds 51-60 it has camo lead properties, from rounds 61-70 it has fortified camo lead properties, from rounds 71-80 it has fortified camo lead + purple properties, from rounds 81-90 it has fortified camo lead + purple properties + zebra properties, and from rounds 91-100 it has fortified camo lead + purple properties + zebra, the same as round 81-90.
  • The golden bloon has a property that no other bloon in the game has, and that is the ability to become untargetable on hit, every time the golden bloon is hit it will speed up, become untargetable, and boost itself either forwards or backwards on the track randomly, and this is the main reason why it is so difficult to pop because 90% of the time it decides to become invulnerable and bounce around the map.
  • The golden bloon has a different amount of hp every time it spawns in those being: 1st spawn 8hp, 2nd spawn 10hp, 3rd spawn 12hp, 4th spawn 14hp, 5th spawn 21hp, 6th spawn 23hp, 7th spawn 25hp, and the 8th spawn has 27hp. This is the same regardless of the map difficulty, or the game mode it’s in. This may not seem like a lot at first, but every attack made against the golden bloon has the damage of the attack reduced to 1, so it will take a total of 27 hits to kill the final golden bloon, but don’t worry I will now tell you how to easily do so.

How to Easily Kill the Golden Bloon

The golden bloon is a very hard bloon to pop because it has a counter to almost every tower in the game: it can become invulnerable, it can speed up, it can mimic bloon types, it can appear randomly, and it can only take one damage each hit. However there are two towers that can practically destroy every golden bloon in thier path, the fierce and brutal… Ice and Glue Monkeys.

Ok.. this may sound like a joke, but this is really the best solution for the golden bloons. This is because the Ice Monkey can stun lock the golden bloon by repeatedly freezing it. The best Ice Monkey to use for this is a 0-x-2 (the middle path should be at tier 1 or higher), and Glue Monkeys are great because of thier corrosive glue path that deals heaps of over time damage. However, after round 29 you are going to want to use a M.I.B. or a Primary Training village for your Ice and Glue Monkeys to detect camo (I recommend using the M.I.B. because it will allow you to pop every type of golden bloon and this can help with the the rounds 81-100 golden bloons.).

Another thing to remember is to have the Ice or Glue Monkey be a fair bit before your actual defense and to avoid using global range towers as to avoid any interference. Doing this method can reward you with a decent amount of extra Monkey Money on top of what you would earn normally.

The Rewards

The golden bloon may not seem worth while at first, but the Monkey Money you receive from it is well worth your while if you know where to grind it. Assuming that you are grinding the golden bloon on a map that you have already completed, then the rewards will be more substantial than if you haven’t completed the map already (this is assuming that you have popped all the golden bloons).

  • The rewards for Beginner maps will give you 4 monkey monkey + 15 for easy mode completion (27% more), 8 monkey money + 25 for normal completion (32% more), 16 monkey monkey + 40 for hard completion (40% more), and 24 monkey money + 60 for impoppable completion (also 40% more).
  • The rewards for Intermediate maps will give you 6 monkey money + 30 for easy mode completion (20% more), 12 monkey money + 50 for normal completion (24% more), 24 monkey money + 80 for hard completion (30% more), and 36 monkey money + 120 for impoppable completion (also 30% more).
  • The rewards for Advanced maps will give you 8 monkey money + 45 for easy mode completion (18% more), 16 monkey money + 75 for normal completion (21% more), 32 monkey money + 120 for hard completion (27% more), and 48 monkey money + 180 for impoppable completion (also 27% more).
  • The rewards for Expert maps will give you 10 monkey money + 60 for easy mode completion (17% more), 20 monkey money + 100 for normal completion (20% more), 40 monkey money + 160 for hard completion (25% more), and 60 monkey money + 240 for impoppable completion (also 25% more).

These rewards are very helpful because the bonus monkey money you receive can give you that little boost you need to reach your goal faster. However, some maps are better to grind on than others, we don’t want to grind of beginner maps because lets face it the money you get from it is a joke. Now the expert maps might appear to be the best, but due to the fact that most of them have multiple entrances and exits they don’t work well for grinding them. This leaves the choice between Intermediate and Advanced maps, and my personal recommendation would be to play Advanced maps on Impoppable difficulty.

I’d also like to thank Ethan Reid for finding this information, and you can go find him on Youtube for loads of information about BTD6.

Have a good time popping those golden bloons, and as always have poptacular day.

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  1. A 024 spike factory on smart at the end of the track also works because the golden bloon cannot dash into the exit so it keeps dashing backwards

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