Bloons TD Battles 2 – How to Actually Win Every Game with Tack Shooters in Under 80 Trophies

Towers upgrades you MUST have in order for the strategy to work:

  • 204 tack shooter
  • 422 alchemist
  • 332 village
  • Quincy recommended over gwen

This Will Not work with any lower tier towers, and no tower can be replaced with anything else.

Mid-Game Rushes

Note: Credit goes to Bananycus

If at any point you get rushed- just boost+ ability, you have enough defenses for anything until sudden death

If you notice that they have a lot of high pierce towers and no alchemists, you can try a 8k fortified ceramic rush

If you notice they have very little pierce with no camo detection or only plasma damage- do the (camo) purple rush


  • Step 1: Find a curve preferably bellow a track ( due to how tacks shoot out of the tack shooter, they spawn slightly higher than the middle of the tower). Place 203 tack shooter in it, while also leaving enough space for 1 more tack.
  • Step 2: Hero. If defenses get scary get a one more tack shooter upgraded to 002, upgrade it in step 6.
  • Step 3: Spam eco until 700 eco.
  • Step 3: Get 2 201 alchemists in front of the tack shooters but in their range, set them both on strong.
  • Step 4: Get 020 village near tack shooter while leaving enough space for 1 more village.
  • Step 5: Upgrade tack shooter to 204, 1 alchemist to 301.
  • Step 6: Eco until wave 24, while buying 1 more 204 tack shooter and (unlike btd6, the alchemist targets ONLY the closest tower even if they already have a buff, so you must have 1 alchemist closest to 1 tack shooter for every tack shooter) 420 alch. Upgrade the 301 alch to 401.
  • Step 7: And get 302 village, 032 village all before round 26, spam as many 420 alchemists with 204 tack shooters in range of both of the villages in reasonable spots.
  • Step 8: Just before round 26 look at enemy defenses. If you are sure they can handle fortified ddts: eco hard until the end of the game, spam as many tack shooters under 230 villages as you can. If they cant defend- send not more than 5 fortified ddts. This is where you will win most of the games, as this strategy can defend infinite zomgs and ddts but not bads.
  • Step 9: As soon as your or their defenses are starting to struggle send as many fortified ddts mixed with bfbs as you can. This is your last and least probable chance to win.
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