Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – How to Obtain Easy Baller Achievement without Going Through the Hoop

You don’t have to get the ball through the hoop to unlock the baller achievement – this guide will tell you how to do that.

Easy Baller Achievement Guide



  • Score on the basketball court in Versum Hill


  1. Go to the basketball court in Versum Hill (Flesh Prince hideout).
  2. Push the ball to the 3-point line by walking into it gently. After the ball is moving, run around it and block its path so it stops in the right spot. The ball tends to really want to keep moving, so you might have to block it a few times before it’s in the right spot.
  1. Stand away from the ball and line yourself up so the ball in directly between you and the hoop. Using keyboard and mouse makes this way easier than a controller – just look at the hoop and line yourself up for the shot.
  1. Walk towards the ball until you’re about 1 metre away from it. Using the keyboard will allow you to do perfect forward movement without messing with your aim, so you’ll be lined up perfectly for the shot.
  2. Use right click or (B/Circle if you insist on using a controller) to hit the ball with the back sweep.
  1. Watch the ball bounce once and hit the net under the hoop.
  1. Achievement get.

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Created by Rathori

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