Borderlands 2 – Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Achievement / Trophy Guide

In this guide you can check how to get the new achievements.

Main Storyline

Note: Credit goes to Nikki

The main story quests are the following: 

  • The Dawn of New Pandora 
  • Spore Chores
  • Winging It
  • A Hard Place
  • Shooting the Moon 
  • The Cost of Progress
  • Paradise Found

3 or Bust

This achievement is story-related. You have to complete the last mission ‘Paradise Found‘. The achievement will unlock after you turn in the quest. 

Anyway, Here’s “Firewall”

This achievement is story related. It unlocks when you complete the “The Dawn of New Pandora” main quest.

Chocolate Chip Confirmed

This achievement is missable if you don’t let Tiny Tina launch the rocket.  You can get this achievement during the main mission ‘Shooting the Moon‘.  The mission requires to collect two electrical parts and two wings for the rocket. After you placed them onto the rocket you have to collect the last item: a power core. You have to place this onto the rocket too.  Once you finished, you will have two options:

  • To launch the rocket by yourself or…
  • To let Tina do it.

For the achievement you MUST interact with Tina. Just talk with her and she will do her job. After she launches the rocket, the achievement will be yours.


This achievement is side mission related. Claptrap offers you a mission called “Claptocurrency.” (he is in ‘Dahl Abandon‘). Mission details: Once you enter “The Veiny Shaft” you will be run into some spiderants. In the south-east portion of the exploration area, The Dark Web will spawn.  After you defeat the Dark Web, the achievement will unlock. I did this mission in coop, and everyone got the achievement. 

Painbow Connection

This achievement is the hidden achievement. For this achievement you have to equip rainbow items in every slot (except class mod). The best way to farm is defeating Haderax the Invincible. He can drop every gear except the grenade mode. I recommend you to play in coop, so it is faster and everyone can get the achievement (with trading). 

NOTE: after you finish the story, you can go back anytime to fight with the main bosses. If you don’t get the rainbow items, just simply quit the game and reload.  Here is a full list how to drop every rainbow item: 


  • Toothpick (Assault Rifle): The best way to get this gun is by doing the side quest called ‘The Hunt is Vaughn’ which is given by Vaughn (this is the second quest given by him). This will take you to The Burrows where you have to kill worms. Simply keep killing them (don’t pick up the trophies), and this will eventually drop. 
  • Infection Cleaner (SMG): This has a chance to drop in the Mt. Scarab Research Center off of the enemies known as New Pandora Infectiologist. It has a low drop rate. 
  • Peak Opener (Torgue Assault Rifle): has a chance to drop from the Haderax chests.
  • Nirvana (SMG): has chance to drop during the mission called ‘Spore Chore’.


  • Retainer: chance to drop during the mission called ‘The Hunt is Vaughn‘.
  • Easy Mode: 100% drop rate after defetaing Haderax, the raid boss. It can be found in the chests.


  • Mouthwash: this can’t be missed. This is given to you by Lilith as a quest reward at the end of the DLC, when you return to The Backburner after defeating Hector.
  • Hard Carry: has a chance to be in the chests after defeating Haderax.


  • The Electric Chair: has a chance drop from a story-related boss, Uranus. Uranus can be found in Helios Fallen.
  • Antifection: has a chance to drop from a story-related boss, Cassius Leclemaine. His location: Mt. Scarab Research Center.

Spicy Boy

This achievement is side-mission related. For this achievement you have to defeat Haderax the Invincible. Haderax becomes available after you completed the main storyline. The quest is given by Sir Hammerlock, who is standing next to Moxxis little Bar. Haderax’s location: Writhing Deep, which is accessible via teleporting to The Burrows. You have to pay 20 Eridium to fight him.

His level:

  • Normal Mode: level 40
  • True Vault Hunte Mode: level 60
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode: level 75

His ability: fast, he can regen his HP. He will regain his health when he is under the ground. Get him quick so he stops regaining health again. For me the achievement unlocked after I defetead him, but other players reported on forums that they got it when they turned in at Sir Hammerlock. Loot: after defetaing this boss, you will get 4 chests. In the loot there should be around 1-3 rainbow items. 

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