Borderlands 3 – Beneath the Meridian Walkthrough

Beneath the Meridian Walkthrough

Now that you have the third Key Fragment, make your way to the Sanctuary and give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis.

After giving Tannis the key, go to the Sanctuary Bridge and listen to Rhys.

Use the map to fast travel to Meridian Metroplex.

Use the Catch-a-Ride system and make your way towards Neon Arterial.

Before you can enter the location though, Eliminate the Maliwan Squad in the area.

Once defeated, Talk to Zer0 in order for him to break the force field that blocks the path.

Go to Neon Arterial.

Meet with Maya at the Fast Travel Station.

Spawn Ellie’s new vehicle creation, the Project DD.

Use the Project DD to Drive to Apollyon Station.

Along the way to the station, you will encounter several road blocks.

During each road block, you will need to destroy all enemy vehicles in the area. Once they are defeated, drive the vehicle to the Blast Door. Here, Maya will blast the door open, clearing the path.

After blasting two sets of doors, you’ll eventually reach a point where you must travel the rest of the via foot.

Get out of the car and make your way through the tunnel in order to reach the Station. Along the way, you’ll encounter waves of Maliwan soldiers. Either kill them or bypass them.

Eventually, you will find the Apollyon Station. Once you reach the door, wait for Maya to clear the doorway with her powers.

Enter the Apollyon Station.

Take out the enemy soldiers as you move towards the Vault Tunnel.

Once you find the tunnel system to the Vault, follow it all the way to the end.

As you travel through the tunnel, kill any Vault Guardians or Maliwan’s as you attempt to find the Vault.

Eventually, you will reach the area of The Forgotten Basilica. Enter the area and use the refill if needed, as you are about to enter a boss battle.

Place the Vault Key into the Stand as indicated on screen.

Once the key is placed into the stand, a cutscene will begin to play. Not only will the key open the Vault, but it will also release the Rampager.

Defeat the Rampager. Much like other bosses that we have faced in the past, the Rampager is best defeated by moving constantly around the room.

Now that The Rampager is dead, Loot the Vault and take the Eridian Resonator.

Attempt to break open the Eridium Deposit by Meleeing it.

Use the Access Lodestar

Exit the Vault and Return to Maya.

Upon nearing Maya, a cutscene will begin. Troy and Tyreen show up unexpected and launch an attack on Maya. Troy grabs Maya and not only steals her powers but also kills her while doing so.

Ava is distraught, talk to her about what happened.

After speaking with Ava, Return to the Sanctuary.

Talk to Lilith in the Bridge

(Optional) Go Talk to Ava in her room.

Go Talk to Lilith in the Bridge, Troy and Tyreen will once again appear in a cutscene, bragging about Maya’s death.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating The Rampager In Borderlands 3

Here are some Tips and Tricks for defeating the monster.

  • Constantly keep moving around the room. Don’t stop for anything.
  • Take advantage of when the Rampager climbs to platforms above the room. He will inflict little to no damage on you during this process.
  • Pump as much damage as possible into the Rampager while he is stunned.
  • Stay clear of his fire balls and use the environment around you and the good ol’ jump button to dodge the incoming attacks.
  • Try to use a weapon with high incendiary bonuses, as the more damage you can deal, the faster he will be killed.

Beneath the Meridian Rewards

Completing Beneath the Meridian will reward you with $1,845, a new Weapon Slot, and 8,021 XP.

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