Borderlands 3 – Cult Following Walkthrough

Cult Following Walkthrough

After speaking with Lilith, she will tell you to Go to Ellie’s Garage in order to obtain a vehicle.

You will find Ellie in the junk yard behind her Garage.

Speak with Ellie and she will inform you that her vehicles have been stolen and she needs your help to get them back.

Using the map/on screen marker, make your way to the Super 87 Racetrack through the area that is marked Ellie’s Crap.

Along the way, you’ll not only encounter several waves of COV soldiers. You have the option to either kill them or to simple run straight by them, the option is yours.

As you enter the Racetrack, you’ll have two option. Either run to the center and take the marked Outrunner vehicle or hijack one of the vehicles driving around – just be careful not to get ran over though.

Once you have obtained the vehicle Return the Vehicle to the Catch-A-Ride station that is located out the front of Ellie’s Garage. This is marked on the map. As you begin to leave, just be warned that the vehicles will chase you as you exit the area.

As soon as you reach Ellie’s, drive the vehicle onto the Catch-A-Ride station.

Then use the Catch-A-Ride console to equiptheMachineGun to the Vehicle.

Now that you have a vehicle begin to make your way to the Holy Broadcast Center, which is located in the Ascension Bluff.

As soon as you arrive in the Ascension Bluff, make your way towards the broadcast center, as marked on your map. You’ll encounter plenty of COV along the way.

Once you reach the Holy Broadcast Center, exit your vehicle and make your way through the camp – the area is riddled with COV, but it’s up to you if you wish to take them out.

Continue following the onscreen marker into the large building and make your way to the top.

While making your way to the top of the Broadcast Center, you’ll come to an area that features an Ammo and Med Refill machine. Use these to your advantage, as you’ll soon encounter your first major boss battle.

When you’re ready, jump down to the floor below. As you enter the arena, you’ll be greeted by Mouthpiece. Kill him. See the below section for tips and tricks on defeating him.

When fighting him, it is important for you keep your distance and to constantly keep moving.

Once defeated, take the map from Mouthpiece and return to Lilith in Crimson Command room.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating Mouthpiece

  • Constantly keep moving in a clockwise or anti-clock wise pattern.
  • Take full advantage of Mouthpiece dancing when the bass drops, as he will not inflict any damage on you.
  • When you hear a charging noise, make sure to check the cables surrounding the Speakers on the ground. If these are lit up and glowing, move out of the area as fast of possible as they will explode. Getting hit by the explosion will often cause significant damage.
  • Use the COV soldiers to your advantage, as dealing small amounts of damage to them during the battle to lower their health can be very helpful should you need to be revived when knocked down.

Cult Following Rewards

Completing Cult Following will reward you with $422.00, a Rare Head Skin, and 1,357 XP.

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