Borderlands 3 – Taking Flight Walkthrough

Taking Flight Walkthrough

Attempt to charge the map by Giving Lilith the Map in the Crimson Command room.

After Lilith fails to charge the map, Take the Vault Map from her.

It’s now time to Go Visit Tannisat theEridian Dig Site. Grab a vehicle from the Catch-a-Ride and begin making your way to the location.

As you reach the location, exit your vehicle and continue along the path by foot.

Once you reach the area, head towards the building to have Tannis appear.

Give Tannis the Map in order for her to fix it.

While you wait for Tannis to examine the map, Loot the Area for any ammunition, weapons, or money.

With Lilith’s help, Defend Tannis and the Map from the incoming Bandits.

Now that the COV are dead, Let Tannis Examine the Map, in which she reveals that it has received extensive damage.

With all signs pointing to the planet of Promethea, Lilith reveals that Ellie has been working on a ship for us. Head to the Ship in Raiders’ Drydock.

Help Ellie prep the ship by Driving the Biofuel Rig.

The vehicle can be filled up by running over a total of 10 Skags and/or Bandits.

Use the onscreen markers as guides.

Once the Biofuel Rig is full, Get the Astronav chip from the Pit of Fools area.

While you will find several COV enemies inside, you can bypass them and head straight for the chip.

You can find the chip on a table next to the shipping containers.

With the Astronav collected, Drive the Biofuel Rig back to Ellie.

After returning the Biofuel Rig, make your way to the Raiders’ Drydock. As you near the large door, Tyreen and Troy will appear for a short cutscene.

Take the nearby Elevator to the Catwalks.

Fight your way across the Catwalks to the Raiders’ Drydock.

Once you reach the ground, Kill All the COV’s Attacking Lilith.

With all COV’s dead, make your way to Lilith’s body and Revive her.

After reviving Lilith, finish the mission by Talking to Ellie.

Taking Flight Rewards

Completing Taking Flight will reward you with $530, a new weapon slot, an Epic Pistol, and 2,370 XP.

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