Borderlands 3 – The Impending Storm Walkthrough

The Impending Storm Walkthrough

After helping Rhys in Hostile Takeover, make your way back to the Sanctuary.

Once you are back on the ship, Head to the Bridge and Speak with Lilith.

Lilith will contact Maya via the projector, in which she will reveal that Athenas is under attack by Maliwan forces.

Use the Control Panel to Navigate the ship to Athenas.

Use the Drop Pod in the Cargo Bay to travel to Athenas.

After landing, begin to make your way to the Market Quarter in order to Meet with Maya. Don’t forget to refill your ammunition and health along the way in preparation for your upcoming battles.

As you attempt to reach Maya, you will encounter Maliwan troops in the courtyard. Take them out and Secure The Courtyard.

Once the courtyard is secure, ring the bell in the nearby room.

Ringing the bell will result in Maya opening the gate to the next area. With the gate now open, go and Meet Maya.

Follow Maya through the town, where you will soon encounter several high level Maliwan troops.

Take them out.

Once all soldiers are dead, ring the bell to open the next gate.

Follow Maya and once again clear the area of Maliwan troops.

Once all troops are defeated, ring the bell.

Follow Maya and she will inform you to go and Find Ava. If you need help finding her, use the map for guidance.

As soon as you Find Ava by the graveyard, Talk to Her.

Follow Ava through the graveyard in order to find the Eridium that you need.

As you travel through the graveyard, you’ll encounter Maliwan troops, Kill them.

You’ll encounter several heavy soldiers, so be prepared with ammo and full health.

Use the environment to your advantage and keep moving. Using your special ability will drastically help in defeating the heavy troops as fast as possible.

Once all enemies are dead, Meet Ava at the Crypt.

Enter the Crypt and Search it for Eridium. There are 4 pieces of Eridium for you to collect. Use the map markers to find them if needed.

Follow Ava to the next section of the graveyard and kill the new wave of Maliwan’s that appear.

Once all troops are dead, Search the Mausoleum for Eridium.

As you enter the Mausoleum, two Ratch’s will spawn in the room. Kill them and take the Eridium that they drop.

Follow Ava to the location of the final tomb.

As you near the location, a giant Ratch Nest will appear outside the tomb. Clear the area of all Ratch’s and Maliwan troops. For the best results in battle, we highly recommend that you constantly keep moving and keep a distance between you and the enemy.

Once all Ratch’s are dead, Collect the Eridium.

While following Ava back to Maya, yet another wave of Maliwan soldiers will appear. Kill them and make your way to Maya.

Entering the courtyard to Meet Maya, the games second major boss will spawn, Captain Traunt. Captain Traunt’s attacks combine all three of the heavy soldiers together – Fire, Ice, and Posion.

Make use of the upper ledges, as not only do they provide cover from Traunt’s incoming attacks, they also protect you from other enemies that spawn on the battlefield. It is important to be weary of the large ball that travels around the edge of the map. If hit by this ball, it can be fatal.

After defeating Captain Traunt, collect the Eridium and Give it to Maya.

With the Eridium, Maya learns how to open the Vault.

Follow Maya into the vault and take the Vault Key Fragment from the chest.

With the Fragment in hand, travel back to the Sanctuary. Once on the ship, head to the infirmary and give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis.

After handing off the key, talk to Lilith on the Bridge.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating Traunt

  • Make use of the arched windows that can be found on the upper ledges around the map, as not only do they provide cover from Traunt’s incoming attacks, they also protect you from other enemies that spawn on the battlefield.
  • While the archways are a great form of cover, don’t rely too heavily on them as they won’t protect every attack. If you do choose to use these archways, please ensure that you don’t stand too close, as Traunt has the ability to fire projectiles that explode on impact, leaving behind a damaging residue. This residue can be fatal if you don’t move in time.
  • Much like the Heavy Soldiers, Traunt has a weak spot that will allow you to deal critical damage. To find the weak spot, aim for the large sphere on his back. If you deal enough damage to the area, you will often find that it slightly confuses him and can often cause him to miss an attack.
  • It is also important to be weary of the large ball that travels around the edge of the area. Getting hit by this ball can be fatal.

The Impending Storm Rewards

Completing The Impending Storm will reward you with $1,047, a Rare Sub Machine Gun, and 4,550 XP.

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