Boring Man: Online Tactical Stickman Combat – Survival Classes

A guide about what vices to pick up and which class should get the vices. (Intended for a max of 5 players on a server).

Melee Fighter

What vices they get (Wine, Tequila, Screwdriver, Painkillers, Water, Mead, Sake) The Tank and the Melee Fighter have to share Wine, Painkillers and Water.Their job is to fight the Grand Master boss, They also fight with a sword and they use fists once they get 5+ screwdriver.

Over sized Man (Tank)

What vices they get (Wine, Lager, Smokes, Vodka, Rubbing Alcohol, White Wine, Water, ) They have to share Wine with the Melee Man. Their job is to camp at the control point and make sure that enemies do not capture it. They are also good at taking down bosses.

Designated Driver

What vices they get (Antacids, Espresso, White Wine, Porter, Vape Pen, Sherry) Their job is to heal the tank and others before the round starts and when the round starts go heal at the capture point.They also don’t spend too much money so they can make sure to revive fallen team mates if needed.White Wine shared with Tank.

The Man with the Sniper

What vices they get (Margarita, Moonshine, Hard Lemonade, Whiskey, Stout,) Their job is to camp somewhere and snipe enemies and bosses from far away.

Assault Agent

What vices they get (Whiskey, Tequila, Jägerbomb, Ale, Margarita) Their job is to kill the enemies on the opposite side of the map that the capture flag spawned on before they reach the capture flag.Whiskey and Margaritas are shared with the Sniper. Tequila is shared with the Melee Man.

Extra Vices

Any person of any class can take all of these Vices (Joint, Cigar, Varian Cigar, Cinnamon Whiskey, Energy Drink, “Beer”, Dyson Iced Tea, Rum, Spliff, Absinthe, Stimulants).

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