Braid – How to Play

Read before playing – it will make life inside Braid much simpler, easier and enjoyable!


Game recognizes the following keys:

WSAD as movement 
SPACE as jump
Shift as rewind (or undo)

You can also use the arrow keys if you feel more comfortable

Things that are not written or defined is the speed of the rewind 

Shift + S key (down) – each press of S key while holding Shift will increase rewind speed. All the way to 8x speed. 

Shift + W key (up) – exactly the same as the S key only it does a reverse thing than rewind – fastforward

If you press Shift + S key and then W key – you can reach 0x speed which is Freeze Time. Can be usefull. This comes in handy on World 6 where you have mobs that are immune to rewind, making only you standing mid air. Same goes for clouds etc.

In worlds where you after pressing Shift have a Shadow – it behaves exactly the same as you before Rewinding. You have to think from the end to the beginning, retrace your steps and do an action last (for instance pressing the lever). Then rewind and the shadow will retrace everything including the end lever, then it will stop. You can use if where two parallel actions are needed to pass the level, or two doors need unlocking and you only have one key.

Pressing down will enable slow time effect. It is only enabled in World 5, but you need to pick it up after you placed it. Meaning you can’t place it and then try to place it elsewhere. It won’t work until you toggle it off from initial location.

Tips and Tricks

After finishing all the worlds climb up the ladder in your house for an Epilogue world.

During the Epilogue since the world is going backwards, you can jump several times on a mob without killing him.

Jumping on a mob from a high ground or position will make you bounce more.

If the platform emits a while bubbly glow, when you rewind your character won’t rewind but the world does.

Placing the slow time on a moving object will slow time along the trajectory of the movement – platforms are such a place

Be careful with rewind, it can take away the puzzle you collected

Not every flower is a bunny in disguise!

Bunnies are adorable and they will chase your shadow too (bunnies are not rasists, they chase everyone)

Green glow on a mob means you can’t rewind his actions

Careful with the keys, since they break after use, sometimes you can’t rewind the use on a certain door – restart of the level is required

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