Brainmelter Deluxe – 100% Achievements

A guide to achieve all the achievements in the game and some general info about the game.

The Levels

The levels are randomly generated, so the levels are always different, except for the maintenance and boss levels.

There are no save points in between the levels, so if you want to reach the end you will have to do it without dying in one go.

There is an extra life to be found in every “D” level, but to get to it you have to be very fast and unless you are still in 1-D it is not really worth the extra risk in my opinion. Also, you can only have one extra life at a time. I picked one up in 1-D and then made it to 2-D without dying and the new 1UP did not spawn. When I finally died in Maintenance 3 (stupid spikes!) a new one did spawn in 4-D.

Maintenance 1
Maintenance 2
Maintenance 3
Maintenance 4
Boss level

The maintenance levels are the same every time, with a few additions the further you get.

  • Maintenance 1 is just easy straight forward to the exit. There are some arrows introduced in the middle of the rooms which rotate you as you fall into them. You will also see these in the normal levels ahead. In the maintenance level they also move some blocks which block some exits.
  • Maintenance 2 has the arrows, and adds a green ball which you have to roll towards a shaft close to the exit.
  • Maintenance 3 has the arrows and the green ball, and there are spikes added to the blocks, so you have to be extra careful turning the rooms.
  • Maintenance 4 has all of the above and also a little mean spike ball hidden in the room across the green ball, so be careful of your turning.

The boss level is luckily not too difficult and it requires you to avoid an angry block trying to hit you. While you dodge the block, the ground which it hit will crumble a little and when it hits the same spot again it will fall into the spikes beneath. Then turn the room and do this again in a new spot. Do this four times and that’s it! Just be careful not to fall into the spikes yourself.

The Achievements

Spin Me Right Round
Break the main menu

Just cycle through the main menu options as fast as you can for a few seconds.

Beat a level while dead

When you die, you still move a little when you are falling or hit by blades. If you manage to reach the exit despite being dead, you will be rewarded this achievement (and as a bonus you can continue on as if nothing happened).

Going The Distance
Go on a journey as a corpse

You will almost certainly get this while just playing the game. When you die and manage to move a certain amount you will get this.

Against The Clock
Collect a 1UP

In every fourth section of the levels (1-D, 2-D, etc) there is a 1UP to be found in the room behind the start. If you manage to get there in time (I believe you have around 15 or 16 seconds) the achievement and the extra life is yours.

Beat the game

Complete all the levels and defeat the boss to beat the game.

General Hints

  • You can only turn the world when you jump, so there is no turning in mid-air.
  • Pick up the purple little balls if they are easy to catch and ignore them if they are too difficult. They are not worth risking your life for, but they come in very handy in later levels, so stock up!
  • Take notice of the spike balls! When there is a dotted white line at the exit of a room it means the spike balls can’t go through them, so you’re safe behind. When there is no line, the spike balls will keep falling as you keep on turning the level. When not paying attention it is easy for them to fall right on top of you.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME! If you try to rush through the levels and jump into unknown rooms it is only a matter of time before you jump straight into a blade or spike ball. Try to check out the next room from a small distance if possible by standing on a safe place or turning the level (you can see more if you watch rooms from the side instead of from the top).
  • When it is no option to stand still and watch the next room (maybe you are hearing the sound of two blades behind you!) you just have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. Use your slow falling in this situation, and aim for a side of the room and not the middle for your best survival chance.

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