Bright Memory: Infinite – Quick Tip: Blade Slash / Shotgun Combo

Easy combo to do more damage faster, helpful for higher difficulties.

The Combo

Not sure if this is common knowledge but I figured this out and it is helpful against bosses and the monkey guys. There is seemingly no shooting cooldown after pressing E (blade slash), so once you have the ranged blade slash unlocked you can just spam E and left click as fast as you can and it basically doubles your damage output.

Shooting helps you recharge suit energy so if you alternate shooting and slashing in this way you can actually combo for a long time. Also blade slash seems like it stuns sometimes so you can kind of just stunlock+magdump enemies.

In my experience this works best with the shotgun against enemies that like to get up in your face (monkey guys and Tian Yu Emperor 1st stage), but you can also do it with the sniper rifle (regular firing mode and special ammo) for enemies that are farther away (like Tian Yu Emperor 2nd stage).

This helped me a lot against the bosses on Hell difficulty so hope it helps some of you too.

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