Brotato – Boss Guide

Guide to Bosses

Burning Ground Boss

He puts red dots on the ground then they ignite 1 second later. I find these easier to dodge if I am not moving and just looking at the ground under my feat. They appear at regular intervals so pause movement when the interval is coming and be ready.

Phase 2 he does circles around the player. If you stop moving right before he does the circle you will be in the middle of it and be in no danger.

You are long range and high dps so hopefully you can just ignore the rest of the screen and focus on surviving.

Your lifesteal and regen should help you if you make a mistake. You can also turn on health bar above your head in the options menu so you don’t ever have to look away from your hero.

Spinning Laser Boss

Phase 1 he spins a laser around himself. There is a gap in it you can stand in or you can just circle him at the same speed as the laser. Closer to him you will move around faster effecively.

Phase 2: He also shoots bullets in all directions slowly. Play a bit further away.

Focus 100% on dodging and staying alive and the boss bullets. Don’t worry about dealing damage, it will happen, you have enough range.

If you are ever injured continue to play defensively and heal. But you should always be focusing on staying alive.

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