Brutal Legend – How to Get the Squeal like a Chicken Achievement

Some tricks to getting the “Squeal like a Chicken” achievement.

The Major Trick, and the Tips

Here is a major trick: First of all, Fletus starts ahead of you – on the other hand there is a slight delay before your car starts moving after green light, while Fletus starts with a burnout almost instantaneously. The tip here is to tap acceleration [W] constantly when the countdown begins, – do this until the countdown ends and instantly hold acceleration and hit boost as soon as the Deuce starts moving. You will have a noticeable head-start.

While racing, try to avoid any sort of impact with the environment (duh), and do NOT try to bump/ram the Squealer, his car can easily knock your Deuce off balance. Just do the first major trick I mentioned, and drive past him while keeping your distance. 

Note: These tips can be applied with or without getting all the Deuce upgrades.

Created by Shajmil

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