Buccaneers! – Trading Basics

This’ll be a very simple and quick guide to give you the basics of trade.


To trade in the game you’ll require quite a size ship to be strong enough to out fight small pirate vessels and to out run bigger ones.

Ship Size

  1. I recommend you to own the Heavy Sloop or the Light Frigate.
  • Further more I recommend getting upgrades such as speed and also boarding combat to stand a chance in defense if you get boarded.
  • A smaller vessel will be better compared to a bigger ship as its more economy efficient compared to bigger ones


  1. You can notice 2 colors when you trade at the merchant.
  • Red color means you can buy with profit as the merchant sells the goods cheaper
  • Green means the merchant will buy your goods for more

The colors indicatation is kinda wonky tbh… But from the couple of hours I have spend ingame, I’ve only experienced and noticed the system works this way.

Created by Lilly Pillie

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