Budget Cuts – How to Get Past Adam

This boss fight is scary, right? Adam is fast, the empty office is terrifying, and accessing escape pods are almost impossible when you panic 

Here is the solution for how to deal with him. I recommend you try to find the solution yourself, but if it is too scary or/and you are simply stuck, dont worry. I will help you.


First entering the dark office you can scout ahead. Don’t worry. Adam will only get you should you come into his view. As for this guide, that should not be a problem. 

1. Go directly to the right and enter the first vent you can. Head to the exit of the vent and you find yourself in a bigger maintance room. 

2. Pick up the screwdriver on the table

3. Turn on the lights in the entire office by hitting the red switch on the wall in the room. (It’s not so scary now, right?)

Take a good look at the map on the wall, notice there is a red dot that tells you where you are. 

4. Now, go to the third room from the top right

5. Notice the is a few open panels on the ceiling It should be directly to the right when entering from the door. Teleport up there. (Remember the way.)

6. At the end of the vent there is a box (similar to the one you used to enter this area) It is a power supply where you can gain access or close doors. Now take it to “11d” by pressing the buttons. It should not take long. (This is optional but it gives you a new access point) The main reason for this is to know the location and remember the way up there. You will be back here later. 

Your preparations are now complete. Now to set up the trap.

It’s a Trap

1. Go forward towards Adam sight. You want him to spot you so he can chase you.

2. Once he spot you go back to the same vent where the power surge was. Enter through the vent or the door you previously unlocked. Don’t worry about Adam. He will notice the lights are on and rush to get it off, wasting much time. So you should have enough time getting back up before he manage to switch the lights and chase you. 

(Should you not remember the way back in the chaos, just enter the vents and head to the first room where the light button was. You can then regroup and hit the light button to annoy Adam. Also give you enough time to get to the power surge area again). 

3. Lure Adam in to the room below the power surge by shooting down a teleporter beam, but do not use it. Adam will try to destroy it, luring him inside it. 

4. Switch it to 13E and the door should now be shut down and can not be open by Adam. 

(You can send down a teleporter beam to look if it is true. There should be no ligth on the panel beside the door and the door should be shut).

5. Adam is now traped and will continue to be for the rest of the game. So you can now enter all the rooms (beside the one he is trapped in of course). Go grab the key in the maintance room for a Adam thropy (optional), and finish the main objective. It is the key to the keydoor to Rex 3 main office in the big light hallway at the start of this level. It is located inside the broadcast room where Adam first spawned. (you need the screwdrive to get it.)’

The main story is now soon over, and this is one of the most intense scary boss encounters I have ever met in a game before. Getting chased in VR with no real defence is scary. Resident Evil Remake can go take a nap. 

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