Bulb Boy – Full Walkthrough

100% Walkthrough

1st Boss

Use the TV and unplug it.
Take out grandpas teeth.
Use teeth on fishbowl.
Go through the right door.

Click on your draws.
Click on the matchbox, scissors, measuring tap and sweet.
Pick up the bug.
Pick up feather duster, right of bed.
Click on bed – use feather duster on bug.
Under the draws are exposed wires, touch for a 3rd bug.
Try to leave the room.
Feed the spider your bugs.
Pick up its eye from under the window.

  • Jessy C Delight
  • Eat an eye

Now leave the room.
Go under the unlit chandelier and click on it.
Move to the left twice, then click on the window.
Don’t do anything until a face appears.

  • She Is Coming
  • Witness a secret face

Pick up a glass shard.
Use the chandelier to move left twice again.
Pick up a key behind the key painting.
Walk left and into the hand Death 1/20.

  • First Blood
  • Die for the 1st time

Return to the start and use your key.
Pick up oil can.
Return to the left.
Use the oil and glass on the suit of armor.
Summon the arm.
Get in the suit and chop off the arm.
You can now leave.

Pick up the fishbowl and use on grandpa.
Jump on chandelier then click above it.
Climb up to the hole.

Pick up stick, egg and basket.
Use stick then egg on tree above.
Pick up tennis ball by grandpa.
Use ball on dog.
Go to the well and use the basket.
Scoop up the ball and hand it back to the dog.
Repeat if needed.

For this next part, put your computer near to midnight.
Head over to the grandfather clock and wait until a ghost appears.

  • Mother I Miss You
  • Met our mother

Take the knife from the table.
Stick your hand in the burger.
Head to the right and let the chicken kill you Death 2/20.
Lift of the platter lid next to us.
Take eggs from the fridge.
Use knife on the top row strings, then click it twice for maggots.
Trigger the chicken and hide under the pig head.
When the chicken is past us, attach your body.
To the right of the room is a bin you can hide in also.
Head over to the cupboard left of the oven.
Pick up matchbox.
Take flour right of oven.
Use flour, eggs and maggot on the oven.
Turn both knobs and use matches on the gas.
When done open the oven and hide.
Now eat the chicken.

  • Headless Chicken Defeated
  • Story achievement

2nd Boss

Now head left but don’t go to the bathroom Death 3/20.

  • Nice To Poo You
  • Didn’t make it to the toilet

Repeat the end of the boss again but go to the bathroom.
Use the sink and the top left valve.
Use the toilet and flush – don’t press anything Death 4/20.
This time button mash to survive 3x.
Click the air freshener on the left and flush again.
Pick up the pipe and use it where the water is spewing.
Use the right valve next and the faucet.
Survive another attack and click the button next to the sink.
Now walk to the fan.

Click on the left tree’s hole.
Chase the turnips until its eaten by the bottom right monster.
You will need to do this multiple times until its sweating.
Once its sweating click on it.
Now enter the hole and chase the worm until its eaten.

Head right then left into the worms Death 5/20.
Swim away from the worms this time and keep heading right Death 6/20.
Swim into the submarine this time and activate the lever.
Head back right.
You need to make the worm follow you and hide in the clam when its close.
Go left and enter the fish.
Swim to the top and left.
There will be an opening with worms and something to click.

  • Plumber Remains
  • Find some hidden remains

Now just go down the death hole, be very careful.
When you finish the route you will enter the boss room.

Take the top left pathway.
Pick up the snail at the end.
Get the worms to follow and go bottom left.
Open the latch to kill the worms and use your snail.
Pick it back up and feed it to the blobfish.
Now go back up and use that grape barrel.
Kick the mine into the bosses eye.
Back where we got the snail, press the glowing button.

  • Drunken Earthworm Defeated
  • Story achievement

3rd Boss

Get the worms to follow you again and kill them by the eel.
Die and repeat this process until you unlock the achievement.

  • Tasty Larvae
  • Kill a lot of worms

Now we can leave the room which was blocked by the boss.

Click on the firefly.
Pick up the watering can.
Use it on the faucet to the right then the plant.

Drop down and die to the spider Death 7/20.
This time drop onto the spider.
Go onto the ceiling and let the acid hit you Death 8/20.
Repeat but with the dog Death 9/20.
Pick up the faucet.
Have the acid hit the cobweb holding the barrel.
Attach the faucet onto the barrel.
On the right side make the bath drop.
Pick up the watering can.
Use it on the barrel, then the plant.

Get tape from medkit.
Use the lightswitch above.
Move bulb boy and fix the broken wire.
Now move the bugs to the new light.
Move bulb boy to light up the next part.
Pick up the tape.
Move bulb boy to the left for Death 10/20.
Repeat with dog Death 11/20.
Bark at the boss and have it eat the bugs.
Using Bulb boy tape up the tubing.
Pick up the plug on the far left.
Go back to where we fixed the tubing and plug it in.
Make sure to switch it on and go left.
Reconnect with your body and click on the boss.

  • Snotty Bunny Defeated
  • Story Achievement

Final Boss

Enter the door for the final boss.
Click on grandpa.
Push the nail into the boss.
Go above to enter its mouth.
Get crushed by the teeth Death 12/20.
Avoid them this time and get blown to the top.
Use the 1st blow hole Death 13/20.
Use the 3rd blow hole Death 14/20.
Use the 2nd blow hole and role into the 4th hole.
Lick the part and don’t move Death 15/20.
Move away from the fire but let it eat you instead Death 16/20.
Now avoid its attacks.

Enter the mouth again going down instead of up.
Enter the heart door and into the gas Death 17/20.
Go past the door and go left of the poo sign.
Avoid the poo for Death 18/20.
This time don’t avoid it.
Use the tube at the end.
Get sucked up by the monster again Death 19/20.
By this point I got the death achievement and dont know what I died at for the 20th to be activated. It is apparently a buggy achievement on console though and also unlocked here.

  • All Faces Of Death
  • Experience 20 unique deaths

Avoid the attack and reenter the boss again.
To avoid the teeth (top), 2 4 4 6 6 finish.
Now go back to the poo area and go right.
Fall into the acid if you need more deaths Death 20/20.
Take the sausage from the ear.
Work your way across the acid pond onto the pill.

Avoid and reenter.
To avoid the teeth (top) 1 3 4 5 6 6 7 finish.
Now enter the heart door and click the heart.
For another death let it spit in your mouth Death 21/20.
Now keep hitting the boss avoiding its attack.

  • Eternal Light
  • Story achievement

For the final chance at death let grandpa choke Death 22/20.

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