Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – How to Get Weapon XP Up Fast / No DLC Required

I will be showing a super easy glitch to enter. Inside this glitch, you will be able to level up your weapons fast.

Required and Recommended before Entering the Glitch


  • Buy a transponder
  • Buy the 1st door into keplar
  • Open to the stairs between the arcade and polar peak


  • Buy the Erad
  • Buy the Mule Munchies perk
  • Pack-a-punch your weapons
  • Bang bangs, because more damage
  • Tuff ‘Nuff, because you can still die if you aren’t careful
  • If solo, Up ‘N Atoms is useful, so you can die and get new weapons to level up

How to Enter The Glitch

First go get the transponder.

Go on top of the stairs and then count 5 steps down, from the top.

Then between the 4th and 5th step, throw the transponder.

Then teleport to the location, on the other side of the stairs.

Once you have teleported, you will be on the rollercoaster tracks.

It is recommended that you go to the right -> and you stay on the tracks.

If you move away from the tracks, theres a chance you might get stuck.

If you went right, you will arrive at the end of the rollercoaster.

Simply, jump onto the ledge, to progress, as shown on the image below.

Then you have arrived here. Walk to the right, onto the ice.

There is 2 places you can jump from.

Either jump from the big pile of ice or go down a bit.

Once you have picked where to jump from, you need to aim for the fence.

Note: You can walk anywhere on the fence, so dont worry about jumping super far.

Also, you are gonna be floating a few meters above the fence.

I recommend going into a sprint and stop moving, as soon as you hit the invisible wall.

The height is about the same as the roof above the slides.

Once you are on top of the fence, you have to walk over to the roof above the slides.

Stay on the edge of the roof, where there is visible parts.

Walk towards the building, and jump to the roof of the building.

Then on the building, go towards the crocodile.

You now have to just move towards the crocodile and jump inside it.

Now move towards the foot, on the left side.

Zombies will now pile up here.

Once youre out of ammo, you can go buy the Erad, to get more ammo.

To get to the Erad, walk here: Be careful walking on top of this, because you can get stuck.

I once got stuck there, but a brute got me unstuck.

When you arrive on the other side, then be careful, as you can fall out of the map and die.

Just stay where you can see the floor, and you will be fine.

If you arent a fan of the first pile up location, there is another.

It is a bit more dangerous, but it works.

Inside the crocodile, walk towards the alien statue here.

You can then get onto the other side of it, and start a pile up here.

But as said, its a bit more dangerous, and i dont really recommend it. If you are 2 players, its a great way to split up the zombies.

There is also a pile up location, next to the Erad, in the trash can, but its also not very secure. If theres many zombies, and you make a sudden move, you can get hit by a few and go down. I recommend just staying in the foot.

You can also use the mouth as a trap, whilst inside this glitch. But watch out, as you can still die by the oral trap.

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