Call of Duty: Mobile – How to Level Up Quickly

Do you want to level up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile? Our How To guide will help you shoot forward in levels quickly!

How to Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are a few ways to grab some extra EXP and start leveling up more quickly in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Join a Clan

Clans are groups of players that may team up in Call of Duty: Mobile. You can create your own clan or join one of the many available. Joining a clan offers you an experience bonus for every match played, so this will help a lot in help you level up.

Use a Weapon that has an EXP Buff

Some special weapon skins have an experience buff attached. Using those weapons in matches will go a long way in boosting the experience earned, provided you’re decent with the weapon.

Last Longer and Rack Up Kills

It’s no secret that winning in Call of Duty: Mobile will get you more experience than a loss, but you can’t always predict the outcome of a match.

Still, you can rack up extra experience, win or loss, in two ways–racking up kills and the match length. Kills are the main way to get experience in Call of Duty: Mobile, so being aggressive and killing hostiles instead of camping somewhere and waiting for enemies to come by can work to your advantage for leveling up.

Also, the longer the match lasts the more experience you’ll get. That means modes like Domination and Battle Royale will net you more experience, as they tend to last longer than the point-based Multiplayer modes.

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