Call of Duty: Mobile – How to Play on PC (Keyboard + Mouse)

This simple guide will explain what you need to do to use a keyboard and mouse to play Call of Duty: Mobile on your potato PC. It’s pretty simple, believe me!

How to Play COD Mobile on PC: Step by Step Guide

  • Step #1 – Download and Install the Game Loop!
  • Step #2 – Start the Game Loop App and Install Call of Duty: Mobile game.
  • Step #3 – Start the game within the Game Loop Emulator System.
  • Step #4 – Login with your account or play as a incognito (guest).
  • Step #5 – Enjoy it!

PC Controls

  • WASD -You don’t believe me but, it’s Move!
  • Left Click – Fire / Deploy Shield / Pitch Up.
  • Right Click – Aim /Cancel Bow Drawn / Pitch Down.
  • Space – Jump.
  • C – Crouch / Dive / Hold to go Prone / Slide (while Running).
  • Shift – Sprint.
  • Numbers -Killstreaks.

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