Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast

There are three main ways to level up fast in Modern Warfare multiplayer killing enemies, playing Domination and other objective-based modes, and completing challenges.

Killing enemies in the game will get you 100 exp right off the bat. Assisting in the death of an enemy will get you 25 exp. The more kills you get, the more experience you earn per match. Ideally, your allies are playing as well as you so that your team wins which gets you a win bonus at the end of the match.

The second best way to level up in Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer is by playing Domination. In this game mode, each team is tasked with controlling the three points on the map. The more of these points controlled, the more points your team will earn. Every time you capture one of these points, you earn 200 exp. Defending a point gets you 100 exp that stacks on top of the kills you likely got by defending the point.

Because control in Domination is given up so often from team to team, you’ll have multiple opportunities to capture a control point. On top of that, Domination lasts longer than any of the standard game modes which means you’ve got extra time to rack up that experience.

Any objective-based game mode in Modern Warfare will work in the same way in terms of experience points earned so if Domination isn’t your jam, give another mode like Cyber Attack or Headquarters a try.

Likewise, Ground War is a great mode to play since there are a ton of objectives on the map, with lots of players, and vehicles to use. Plus rounds last longer than standard modes.

In between all of this, you should be focusing on completing challenges and missions while on the battlefield. Challenges and missions can be found in the barracks menu and completing these gives you experience. Some challenges are quite difficult and some can be completed in a single match.

In the Challenges tab, there are at least three daily challenges for you to complete. These rotate in and out every day so it’s important that you complete them each day to maximize the experience you can earn.

In prior Call of Duty games, playing the Search and Destroy game mode was a great way to earn XP, due to being rewarded with 500 points per kill and plant/diffuse. However, in Modern Warfare, everything is capped at 100 points, so playing other objective-based games will give you better results.

Additionally, you can use a 2XP Token to maximize your score.

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