Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Unlock Charms

How to Unlock Charms

One of the many customization options available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is its Charms, which you can attach to your weapons. But how do you unlock Charms in Modern Warfare?

To start, Charms are a cosmetic item in Modern Warfare. They attach to your weapon and come in a variety of options. With most weapon attachments or camos, you can typically earn them by getting kills in multiplayer games. But, the game doesn’t make it very clear how to unlock them.

What you need to do is navigate to the Multiplayer Challenges menu form the Barracks tab. After that, head over to the Missions tab and you’ll see a long list of objectives you must overcome. You can look through these to see which Charms you’d like to go for. Completing them will reward you with Charms.

Many of them can be earned with ease, but others are much more difficult to earn, making some of them more coveted than others. This gives players an added incentive to trying out each weapon.

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