Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Progression and Challenges (Beta)

The Modern Warfare II beta contains a truncated progression system – learn how to unlock all the beta rewards and what can be unlocked through both weekends of this limited-time experience. Plus: details on challenges.

Progression and Challenges Guide

With Rank (Player Level) Progression in addition to Weapon Platform Progression, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is expected to include a recognizable yet comprehensive progression system.

At launch, the game will also have a special Challenges menu where you can manage Daily Challenges and view Challenges unique to certain modes or events that grant XP.

The Modern Warfare II Beta gives players a glimpse of the Progression and Challenge systems that will be present in the final game through Daily Challenges and a condensed Military Rank system that unlocks all of the Beta’s content as well as permanent Beta Rewards.


Between Operators and the Store is a Challenges menu where you may view Daily Challenges or in any Multiplayer lobby.

Daily Challenges

The Modern Warfare II Beta’s Daily Challenges are a group of four tasks that are reset on a regular basis. For further information, refer to the in-game timer. Dallies will be available for all of the game’s online modes, but for the beta, we can only focus on the multiplayer ones.

Just completing one Daily Challenge awards thousands of XP, which can be enough to make serious progress in levelling. At first, three Daily Challenges are available – these usually fall into three categories:

  • General Challenges –These are considered the “simplest” challenges which may not require not much change in playstyle. Examples: Getting 15 kills while aiming down sights, get 8 longshot kills, or win 1 match in any mode.
  • Weapon Challenges – These are tailored to specific weapon categories – if you have a favorite Weapon Platform, you might find it easy to complete these by simply editing a Receiver to fit the challenge. Otherwise, it encourages you to try out new weapons. Examples: getting 5 headshots with an SMG, get 5 Sniper Kills.
  • Special Challenges – These are a bit more specific and encourage exploration with new equipment, Field Upgrades, or other features. Examples: getting 2 kills using Dead Silence, get a Drill Charge Kill.

Completing one or two challenges is already rewarding. However, completing all three Daily Challenge unlocks a Bonus Challenge that awards TRIPLE the amount of XP than a normal Daily.

  • Bonus Challenge – A “split” objective that allows you to make progress towards one of two objectives. Once one of the two objectives is completed, the Bonus Challenge’s XP reward is given. Example: get 12 longshot kills OR 2 kills with Dead Silence – complete either one to finish the Bonus Challenge.

Weekend 1 – Level 15

The first weekend of the Modern Warfare II Beta is capped at Rank 15.

To reach this rank, you must earn 87,500 XP.

Each rank unlocks Multiplayer Loadout items within the Beta. Some ranks also unlock items that persist through the Beta to the full game, such as Weapon Blueprints.

Here are the most notable rewards during that journey to Rank 15:

  • Rank 2 (3,000 XP) – Emblem: “Smashed It”
  • Rank 4 (10,500 XP) – Charm: “Buckle Up”
  • Rank 6 (25,000 XP) – Charm: “Buckle Up”
  • Rank 10 (45,000 XP) – “Operation First Blood”
  • Rank 15 (87,500 XP) – Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact” (Handgun)

Weekend 2 – Level 30

The second weekend of the Modern Warfare II Beta is capped at Rank 30.

To reach this rank, you must earn 290,000 XP.

Any progress earned during that weekend will be carried over to Weekend 2, even if your platform of choice for this weekend is not that same as Weekend 1.

All content from Weekend 1 can be unlocked during Weekend 2, if it was not already earned.

These are the most notable rewards within the ranks unlocked during Weekend 2:

  • Rank 18 (119,000 XP) – Operator Skin: “Collision” (Horangi)
  • Rank 19 (130,500 XP) – Weapon Vinyl (Sticker): “No Competition”
  • Rank 21 (155,000 XP) – Weapon Sticker: “Safety First”
  • Rank 26 (225,000 XP) – Vehicle Skin: “Floor It” (APC)
  • Rank 30 (290,000 XP) – Weapon Blueprint: “Frontal Impact” (Assault Rifle)

Top Five Tips for Ranking Up in The Beta

  1. Play the Game. Every elimination, objective capture, match completed, and dozens of other actions during a match award XP. Check each mode guide to see what the most effective XP earn methods are, or just dive in and have fun!
  2. Do Your Dallies. Doing all three Dallies plus the Bonus Challenge can award tens of thousands of XP; it’s a secret in plain sight to ranking up fast.
  3. Variety is the Spice of Progression. Daily Challenges already encourage this, but Weapon Platforms offer XP when they are ranked up. Work around the Gunsmith to use the M4 and Lachmann Platforms to get the most XP possible.
  4. Stack it Up. Using the Daily Challenges and Weapon Platforms, check to see if there are any overlaps in XP opportunities and put yourself in the best position possible for earning it. For example: got Daily Challenges for SMG Kills and a Team Deathmatch win, and haven’t fully levelled up the FSS Hurricane from the M4 Platform? Play TDM with the FSS Hurricane to get those kills, which contribute to the Challenge and the weapon’s level-up, all while working towards that win.
  5. Just Win, Baby. Winning matches grants bigger XP match bonuses than losing. Work together with your squad – whether its friends or a random team – to get those W’s and walk away with some serious XP on top of bragging rights.
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