Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront – PVP Tips

How Be Better on PvP?

First of all, let’s start from some golden rules witch give you ability to play better at all:

  1. When round start, do not wait tanks, some of the medium tanks blocked at the start anyway.
  2. Try to play only infentry fitrst 5-10 minutes of the game.
  3. Do not forget to buy at the start AT units.
  4. Use roads if you can (depends of map).
  5. Never rush on tank (you can rush only if you sure that you win this battle).

Now let’s talk about this points more detail:

1) Have you seen players who start waiting for tanks at the start of the game, or do you play like that yourself? I hasten to warn you that this is not the best idea. Because while you wait the enemy take the points and rush forward at your positions (mine roads, hide devercinds, or just build defend positions) , and when you buy the tank, you cant do nothing to the other team at all.

2) Starting from point one, we smoothly move on to the second one. Make it your rule. That until you hold a certain area with infantry, you don’t buy tanks. Because without the support of the infantry, your tanks are completely useless. They do not see where they need to shoot, and will not be able to notice the approaching enemy tank.

3) Some players use rush strategy from the start. They can buy some light armored vehicle and rush your positions when you wait a tank or move your infsmtry to some location, and enemy kill them all. To prevet that tactic, good idea will buy AT Gun man-s at the start. It not work always, but if you will be smart, you can kill this armored vehicle and capture the point.

4) That is simple rule, to deliver infantry or any type of weapon, roads can make it faster. Buy one transport truck at the start and use him all the game.

5) So, you sucside at the batlle (or not), and you decide to rush enemy with tank. Sometimes it can work. And you will inflict even more damage on the enemy. But more often than not, the tactic will fail. You will lose the tank, lose capture points, and allow the enemy to counter attack.
Try to keep the tank behind the infantry at all times.

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