Card Survival: Tropical Island – Tips to Surviving with Tourist

Tips to Survive

Bacterial fever comes from being soaked wet. if you look at the wetness tab, you’ll see what it affects, being wet will lower fever and increase bacterial fever. If you are wet for too long without antibiotics to make up for your compromised immune system, you’ll always get a bacterial fever. Bug bites increase malaria, which is different.

If you build a reservoir in the wetlands, the bug population will overflow into your plane and they can bite you in there too. I recommend building them at least one area away if you must build them.

I recommend getting a woven hat as soon as you can so that you can get some protection from the sun and rain. a seashell necklace or two and kava will help you a lot with your stress and mood problems. Get your herbology up as much as you can as it both unlocks the ability to grow crops and makes finding wild plants easier/ more common.

You should wash wounds with clean water, I think salt water lowers mood and unclean water doesn’t do as good a job removing infection, if you are low on water though, you can use aloe vera gel to wash your wounds.

If you need to lose weight but dont want to be hungry all the time, starve for one day and then eat something that isn’t nutritious, like ground snakegrass or fish scraps. Bone broth is filling and will help you lose weight though in all honesty you probably are not going to unlock it fast enough for it to be useful.

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