Cart Racer – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Let’s fill this cart with achievements.

Complete Walkthrough


The game has 12 levels, with an achievement for completing each and an achievement for 100 attempts. The objective of the game is to jump into a cart and make your character reach the green lighted point at the end of the paths.


Start by improving your jumping into the cart. The more times you manage to jump in, the more runs you’ll get. Until you get the practice for each level, I recommend moving the camera up and seeing the position of the cart before jumping because the position in some levels is different.

Moving the sides of the cart too much can cause you to lose control of the cart and cause it to overturn. To minimize this problem, use the movement keys lightly. The hardest levels are the ones with green arrows. These arrows propel your cart, and most of the time, if you can get through the middle of it, you’ll be well on your way to completing the level.

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