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I love that the game makes you deduce things but unfortunately, if you’re stuck on an extended mystery, there are no in-game hints and all the guides I’ve found give you the final solution. I made this guide in case anyone needs a little help but doesn’t want to skip the deduction process.

General Tips

Note: Credit goes to Charname

  • There are references to real-world people and companies. If something is hinted at but no in-game name is provided, you should try putting real-world names in the search box
  • Some mysteries don’t appear in the ‘Close case’ tab until you find a certain unlocking clue (i.e. you can find clue B which is the correct answer to the mystery but you can’t submit it unless you find clue A first). I added hints for unlocking clues that aren’t essential for solving the case
  • Every case has an unlocking clue which contains a puzzle
    • All of these clues are locations that don’t play any role in the case
  • You can freely switch between cases to look up various info (e.g. use action clues with new data) and click Close Case to check the questions (and then return to the case screen)

Case 1

  • Zhang Feixiang is a fan of whom?
    • His bio contains info about his likes
    • Blue Jeans is a real song but the game doesn’t tell you the name of the singer
    • Just google Blue Jeans
    • Answer Lana Del Rey
  • Jiao Bin Zhang Feixiang mentioned he enjoys using an app. What’s it?
    • It seems that there’s a mistake in the question and the correct person is Zhang Feixiang
    • He mentions the app when discussing means of transportation
    • It’s a real-world company that offers an alternative to the regular taxi
    • Answer Uber/Yoober
  • Where did Sun Guoqiang get his tattoo?
    • You can find the place on the in-game map
    • You don’t need to leave the case screen to look at the map
    • The map is in the background of the case screen, the places of interest are marked
    • Answer Inkspot
  • There was an explosion in 2019. Where did it happen?
    • Unlock There’s a place in Mercy Hospital with a puzzle card. The clue is Storage room
    • As per the in-game hint, use a 26×6 grid to find the solution. 26 columns for letters A-Z and 6 rows, one for each string of letters in the puzzle
    • Using an Excel sheet helps a lot. You need to see the grid, not to find some hidden sequence in the letters
    • Answer Mt. Urn

Case 2

  • Huo Yan used to work at a pub. What’s its name?
    • The hints are the same as Question 3 in Case 1
    • Answer Gradient
  • Where was the camera, branded “FindMe”, discovered?
  • A certain clue lets you combine a place and a floor which essentially lets you investigate places of interest
  • Precise location of Liu Junting residence is known
  • Answer YT Central
  • Where was the gambling den located?
    • Refer to the previous question
    • Huo Yan points at the place but probably doesn’t know about its true nature
    • Answer BC Gardens
  • Who drank half the bottle of Romanse at Liu Junyan’s residence?
    • There’s a way to know what happened at Junyan’s place
    • The wine expires in 5 days after being opened and this bottle isn’t expired yet
    • Answer Dog
  • Zhang Kai is a huge fan of an anime series. What’s it called?
    • He watches it while at work
    • He was caught on camera when a certain event involving Junyan happened
    • In 2019 the Mid-Autumn Day was on September 13
    • Answer Naruto
  • What appeared on all TV screens northeast of Chicheng in 2019?
    • Unlock There’s a place in the Chicheng Library with a puzzle card. The clue is Kitchen
    • Answer Kepler

Case 3

  • Where was Li Yiying’s blue jean jacket bought?
    • The hints are the same as Question 3 in Case 1
    • Answer Swallow
  • What’s the most identifying feature of the one who put the picture into the plaid shirt?
  • The photo was put into the pocket after the shirt was thrown away
  • Answer Blue jeans jacket
  • Which mathematician died in a duel?
    • Unlock You need to find someone related to math. The clue is Li Jianjun
    • Answer Evariste Galois
  • Gao Jingwei’s ex-girlfriend used to be someone’s wife. Who is it?
    • Testimonies mention this person’s occupation
    • This person has appeared in one of the previous cases
    • Answer Jiao Bin
  • What’s in the safe?
    • Li Yiying didn’t actually use a taxi to take her dad to the hospital but rented a car
    • In case 1 you have access to the rental car database
    • Answer Public letter
  • The man appeared out of nowhere in 2019. What did he call himself?
    • Unlock There’s a place near the Classy Cutter with a puzzle card. The clue is Reading room
    • In-game hints 1 and 3 are puns
    • Hint 2 refers to the time something that holds the key to the solution was created
    • Answer Sol

Case 4

  • Which fruit does Yu Meng like?
    • It’s a fruit that stinks, that’s it
    • Answer Durian
  • Which website did Zhu Lei often spend hours on?
    • Orphanage medallions were ordered from there
    • You can buy anything there, from A to Z
    • Answer Amazon
  • Which city is Huo Tiantian based?
    • In previous cases we met two people who mentioned Huo Tiantian
    • Mercy Hospital is located in Chicheng which has only one neighboring city
    • Answer Bincheng
  • Why did Yu Meng get a warning?
    • Wang Buer’s testimony points at the cause of the warning despite the fact he isn’t the one who made it
    • Answer Infiltration
  • Yu Meng used to patron a gambling den. Where is it located?
    • Refer to case 2 question 3
    • There is something that proves it’s the same place
    • Answer BC Gardens
  • Who was fired by YT Development?
    • Unlock What was the consequence of putting the logo on the uniform? The clue is Fired
    • It’s a character from one of the previous cases
    • Multiple people refer to this person and give similar description about him/her
    • This person directly mentions working here
    • Answer Chen Liang
  • Which officer died in the siege of the prison in 2019?
    • Unlock There’s a place in the orphanage with a puzzle card. The clue is Balcony
    • If you know, you know. If not, you google
    • Answer RoboCop

Case 5

  • Where did Li Xue find her first love?
    • You can find anything there, from first love to a converter app
    • Answer Google
  • Liu Jian spends an hour a day before bed time doing what?
    • No real connection between this clue and the case but by this point you shouldn’t be surprised people heard of it
    • Answer Infiltration
  • 404’s father used to assume the identity of?
    • It’s all connected to the cult, Project K and Incident 517
    • Answer Sphinx
  • Who runs the gambling den at BC Gardens?
    • You need a certain clue from case 2. Combining it with a testimony from this case, you can deduce a locker number and where to look for the password
    • The person who put something in the locker #7 is Zhang Feixiang who writes down important info in notebooks
    • Answer Hao Ran
  • What’s the picture in the game room about?
    • Unlock There’s a place that was built by Bunny Hare with a puzzle card in it. The clue is Game room
    • An identical description appeared in previous cases
    • Answer Chiling River
  • What pattern appeared in crop fields overnight in 2019?
    • Unlock There’s a place that was built by Bunny Hare with a puzzle card in it. The clue is Game room
    • You need to decipher 3 messages, each consisting of one letter
    • You can use an online tool but remember that you need to reverse the offset
    • Answer war
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