Casual Pixel Warrior – How to Play

This guide covers basic information about the game Casual Pixel Warrior and gives some advices on how to play the game.

What is This Guide About?

In this guide I want to give an introduction on how to play Casual Pixel Warrior. It covers the gameplay style and also some advices how to play the game in order to survive waves as long as possible.


When starting a game you will find yourself (or better: your character) in your home base. There you can use the tower on the left to purchase upgrades and the portal on the right to travel to foreign wolds to collect coins by defeating enemies.

Purchasing items will help you endure longer and longer. But also your skill and strategy will have a very important influence.

It is normal at first that you won’t endure very long without having enough item power. Enemies will be more and more and at first you will have to be cautious with your ammo. But when you have collected many coins you can equip your character with heavy weaponry and ammo and thus endure much, much longer against the waves.

The shop also gives the opportunity to purchase access to various different worlds – containing different types of enemies.

Advices on How to Play

When combating other enemies it is crucial that you pay attention to your ammo! Check out where on the map are the free items. These consist of ammo/weapon packs. That means if you don’t have that weapon equipped you will be given the weapon – but only temporarly. Different maps contain different temporary weapons. If you however buy them in the shop then you always have them equipped.

Also pay attention to where on the map a health item may be. If you can’t find it or are are too far away and involved in a battle then just try to defeat the enemies. Because the dropped coins not only give you more money to purchase items in the shop, they also restore a potion of your health on each X collected amount of coins.

Regarding strategy you need to find out what best suits you and your gameplay style. Just blindly rushing into the enemies won’t be very wise at start. But being too passive may also not help that much, because waves will become bigger and bigger and you need to keep them small.

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