Chico’s Family-Friendly Circus – Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Follow the steps and you will get all of it. Enjoy playing.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough

Day Off

  • You just need to click nah in the main menu to get this achievement.

Double Ending

  • Let the first two clowns get to your room.

Computer Fryer

  • You just have to waste your energy by clicking the lights a lot (PS: I don’t know if it works when you use the light on one camera only or you have to open all lights & music, and turn on and off the other lights. I did the latter tho.).

Real Hero Ending

  • All you have to do is to survive until 3:30:00 while answering the phone call, and avoid seeing the 3rd clown in the camera three during 2:50:00 to 3:00:00. When the timer reach around 3:28:00 to 3:30:00 ( I dunno it’s exact time) you will hear a knock on your door. Click the door and the clown will pop up and then you will get the achievement.

Employee of the Day Ending

  • You need to survive until 4:00:00 AM. The trick is you need to use your power sparingly, Avoid using power until 2:15:00. That’s the time when the first clown will show up or move. Then if the clown moves answer the phone first then turn on the music. Around 2:25:00 the second clown will show up and move at 2:32:00, Same pattern answer the phone and turn on the music. At the third phone call, Answer the call and go to camera three. You will see there the third clown, and open the light to avoid him going to your door, If you did not flash him light. You will get killed around the same time you get the Real hero achievement but you will not get the girl found in the circus ending but mysteriously killed. After that just try to save power until 4:00:00 to get the achievement.
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