Chip’s Challenge 1 – Key Keeper Levels

The levels you can finish with at least one key on hand for the Key Keeper achievement.

Key Keeper Levels

So you’re playing Chip’s Challenge in the current year

  • 1) I’m sorry for your loss.
  • 2) If you’re just here for the one achievement and have no plans to complete every level, you’re in luck!
  • 3) This isn’t a guide on how to beat these levels, just which ones count towards the achievement. Turns out, only about 24 of 149 levels can be ended with keys in hand, so you’ll need to do most of these. Search Engines are your friend if you want maps and level guides.
  • 4) There are way more (and easier) levels with shoes for the Cobbler achievement, so I won’t be making a list for those.

The Levels

Green Key Levels

Green Keys aren’t used up, so completing any of these levels after picking one up counts towards the 20.

  • Level 1: Lesson 1
  • Level 9: Nuts and Bolts
  • Level 38: Sampler
  • Level 46: Three Doors
  • Level 54: Grail
  • Level 68: Eeny Miny Moe
  • Level 71: Corridor
  • Level 89: Block Buster
  • Level 90: Playhouse
  • Level 92: Vortex
  • Level 95: Four Square
  • Level 99: Catacombs
  • Level 104: Jailer
  • Level 116: Block Buster II
  • Level 118: Miss Direction
  • Level 120: Alphabet Soup
  • Level 127: Skelzie
  • Level 132: Mix Up
  • Level 146: Cake Walk
  • Level 149: Special

Extra Blue/Yellow/Red Key Levels

There are four extra levels with spare keys, which you can use to avoid some of the harder levels above.

  • Level 59: Hidden Danger – Take the teleport while going downwards so you don’t use the red key.
  • Level 60: Scoundrel – Approach the green floors by the exit from the left centre side and hold down + right to sneak by the chip gate with the yellow and/or blue key.
  • Level 102: Icehouse – You don’t need to use the red key.
  • Level 107: Balls O Fire – You don’t need to use BOTH the yellow and blue key, only one.

Note: I did not complete Block Buster, Skelzie, Mix Up, or Cake Walk and still got the achievement after doing the other 20 of 24 mentioned here.

Good Luck!

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