Chronicon – Northern Rage Berserker (Build Guide)

Quick guide for a Berserker utilizing the Northern Rage set.


This is a guide for one of my absolute favorite builds in the game, the Northern Rage berserker using Glacial Roll as both attack and movement. Enjoy.

Yeah it’s at 1300 mastery, was too lazy to respec it down to something more reasonable. (I hate respecing mastery SO much)


You can bind multiple skill slots to the same key by editing your controls in settings. It can be worth it to put Brawler on a separate button and wait until 13 stacks of the heritage buff so that you don’t have to wait over 8 seconds to hit max attack speed, I’m just lazy and wanted a 1 button skillbar since I have several other buttons to hit (scrolls).


How I play:

  • Buff and roll around really fast with right click; just aim in the direction you want to go, but keep the cursor near your character. When you are at enemies you want to attack, just hold right click in the middle of them; you will roll back and forth over them quickly. 
  • Group up enemies/buff your damage and critical chance with C (Scroll or Codex of Lightning Wyrms). Also adds another attunement to enemies it hits.
  • Get 10% health per second with Z (Scroll of Healing Touch)
  • Teleport across gaps with Spacebar (Scroll of Soul Warp)
  • X is Scroll of Return.


  • Changed layout a little. (12/7/19)
  • Added a video. (11/7/19)
  • Fixed some typos and changed some spacing. Added buffed in-town stat preview. (10/7/19)
  • Posted initial version (10/7/19)


  • Done for now.


My goal was to NOT abuse the old method of rolling against the wall, since we now have control over Glacial Roll’s rolling distance(minimum roll is 3m). 

I went for the 7 frame per attack breakpoint, which is 306.12% attack speed with Enrage; the build hits 307%. You can opt to build for harder hits instead of faster ones(Sun&Moon shines over All for One with such a build), but I don’t recommend it. I have cleared Elite Dungeons in under 90 seconds with this setup; it’s not quite as fast with less attack speed. Side bonus is the extra attack speed stacking slightly benefits the tick rate of frost winds: even more rage releases, yay.

Why All For One and not Sun&Moon? You actually end up weaker with Sun&Moon while going for all these stat breakpoints, since most of the boost to it would be from jewelry gems and those are almost entirely dedicated to Minimum Rage. Not to mention you have to trigger it every 3 seconds instead of just rolling more. Sun&Moon has its place, but it’s not in this build.

Mana on hit on helm covers the mana needs easily when you have enough damage. If your mana starts dropping too low, just use longer rolls temporarily to get it back up. Then swap back to short ones.

Additionally, I aimed to have the cooldown on the buffs be as high as possible while still being able to maintain 100% uptime; Brawler is at 8.61s cooldown with 8.68s duration. This means you get to spend more time dpsing/moving while also maintaining your buffs.

The Wyrmtooth and Ravenous Wind runes combine nicely to generate a lot more Rage Releases.

The Released Heritage rune buffs all the heritages as rage releases go off, allowing the build to hit 307% attack speed and increasing the damage chain from the heritage buffs and shout usage.

Rage at 133/134 means that sneezing on an enemy will generate a Rage Release. It’s lovely.

Movement speed increases the speed of your rolls, allowing you to roll more often, and drastically speeds up your Freezing Winds, allowing them to have more time on target and giving you many more Rage Releases over the course of the dungeon.



Note: Yes, Cupcake is over 2k mastery. It’s an old character from when anomalies scaled infinitely; don’t expect to get much above 1300 in the current content, and even that’s a pretty big grind. 

Stats in town at 1300 mastery while attacking dummies:

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