Civilization VI – Holy Righteous Queen Tamar Achievement Guide

This short guide explains how to earn Holy Righteous Queen Tamar achievement in the Civilization VI game.

How to Obtain Holy Righteous Queen Tamar Achievement

Note: Credit goes to yanyihhorng


Holy Righteous Queen Tamar

  • As Tamar, have every city-state in the game following the religion you founded.


  • Leader: Tamar.
  • Opponents: One random leader.
  • Start era: Classical era.
  • Map: Pangaea.
  • Map size: Duel.
  • Victory conditions: Religious victory only.

Found three to four cities, research cartography and theology. Build holy site and oracle in one of your cities. Wait for the great prophet to spawn. Found a religion and use faith to buy two to three apostles. Spread your religion to all cities and force religious victory. Continue the game and search for the city-state and convert it into your founded religion.

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