Civilization VI – How to Fix the Edge Scrolling Problem

The fix that is posted everywhere doesn’t fix the edge scrolling in the corners, where it should go diagonally. It only works right on the top left. The following method is a modified version that should be a complete fix.

Guide to Fix the Edge Scrolling Problem


Modify the equivalent lines in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Base\Assets\UI\EdgeScroll.xml

<Container  ID="LeftScreenEdge"    Anchor="L,T" Size="4,parent+2" />
<Container  ID="RightScreenEdge"   Anchor="R,T" Size="4,parent+2" Offset="-1,0"/>
<Container  ID="TopScreenEdge"     Anchor="L,T" Size="parent+2,2" />
<Container  ID="BottomScreenEdge"  Anchor="L,B" Size="parent+2,2" Offset="0,-1"/>
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