Classic Marathon – Colony Ship for Sale Puzzle Solution Guide

Guide to Solve Colony Ship for Sale Puzzle

This is one of the hardest puzzles in the game that trips up many players. But follow these steps and you’ll get through it easily. Make sure to have a stopwatch handy to properly time the switches.

TL;DR: For pillars 1-3, keep switch on for X seconds (X = pillar number). For pillars 5-7, do 15, 14, 13 seconds respectively. Shoot east wall switch while standing on pillar 4.

Pillar One

Located on lowest control center. Flip switch and let pillar ascend for 1 second before turning it off.

Pillar Two

Also on lowest control center. Flip switch and ascend for 2 seconds before turning off.

Pillar Three

In the center control room. Flip switch and ascend for 3 seconds before turning off.

Pillar Four

Once all pillars are in place, ascend steps until standing on pillar 4. Look east and shoot the wall switch to raise it.

Pillar Five

Back in center room, flip switch and let ascend for 15 seconds before turning off. It should go up and start back down.

Pillar Six

In upper control room, do the same as Pillar Five but wait 14 seconds before turning off.

Pillar Seven

Same room, do 13 seconds.


After ascending stairs, clear bugs. Stand on grated area and grenade both wall switches by entrance to move stairs up. Go through doorway above.

At terminal elevator, if it hasn’t moved in 30 secs, hit grated room switches again.

You’ve now beaten one of the most frustrating puzzles in the game! Celebrate by killing more Pfhor.

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