ClickRaid2 – Basics Guide

Goes over some of the basics of the game.

Basics Guide


Parties are the best way to play the game. You can party in groups up to 6 people. This allows for people to share certain buffs to make fighting easier.


Character Skills

Character skills vary between classes. They are split in how they are upgraded.

First 5 Skills

The first five skills are leveled using skill points. They have a cap that can be increased using gold. They can also be set to automatically level when you have enough skill points.

Last 6 Skills

The last five skills, and ultimate skill, are upgraded only by gold. These skills do not reset when you prestige. They can not be leveled above 500.

Boss Seals

Boss seals can be obtained by attacking bosses once per hour. They can be allocated by combining with gold to level specific stats. You can adjust these allocations freely without seal or gold loss, including refunding so you can spend the gold elsewhere.


Bounties give bonuses after killing amounts of enemies. The bonuses are based on which enemies are killed.



There are two types of shards. Red shards and blue shards. Blue shards are easier to obtain but add to crafting time. Red shards are a little harder to obtain, but have reduced crafting time.

Crafting Gems

Click the craft button. Use back and next buttons to select the gem to craft. The gem will start with only one stat. That stat is based on which gem you craft. Further stats are random. Drag gems to one of the 8 gem slots to use.

Upgrading Gems

Click the upgrade button. Drag gem to slot. Use the slider or the – and + buttons to choose desired level to upgrade to. Upgrading increases the maximum bonus the stat can provide. The bonus is limited by your current dungeon floor.

Gem Tiers

After certain breakpoints of the first stat on a gem (levels 50, 300, 600, 1000) the gem will obtain another random stat. You should stop at a breakpoint to see what the new stat is in case you want to change it to another stat. To upgrade the other stats, use the Tier- and Tier+ buttons while upgrading.

Modifying Gems / Re-rolling stats

If you get a random stat you don’t like, you can re-roll it. After dragging the gem to the upgrade slot, click the modify button. You can then tier down the gem to remove the last stat added. Be aware, you will lose levels on the first stat when doing so. While you will get some shards back, it won’t be enough to get back where you were. You can repeat multiple times to get the stats you want.

Example, level a gem to 50. Check the stat. If you don’t like it, modify the gem. Re-level to 50. Check the stat. If you don’t like it, modify the gem again. Continue until you get a stat you do like. Then level to 300. Check the stat. If you don’t like it, modify the gem. And so on.

Gear Details / Equipment Pieces

There are 8 different equipment slots. Each slot provides a different bonus. You don’t actually equip items to these slots. Instead you gather equipment pieces as random drops. You start at Tier 0 gear, and gather pieces until you get to a 5% multiplier bonus. Then you’ll switch to Tier 1 gear, and gather pieces until you get to a 5% multiplier bonus.

These bonuses stack additionally. This is also per item. You don’t have to finish all items at Tier 0 before getting pieces for an item at Tier 1.



Survival most is a quick fight mode. One room, lots of enemies. Use this as your base mode. If you fail to survive, you will be placed into progression mode.


If you fail to survive in survival, you will be put into progression mode. This mode is slower than survival and you have to walk between rooms to get to enemies. You can switch back to survival manually. If it’s taking a long time to defeat enemies in progression mode, you may want to prestige.

The Cavern

Similar to progression. You can only go so far based on your highest floor completed in survival/progression. Rewards crystals used to enter the Crypt. Don’t forget to click on the crystals.

The Crypt

The crypt requires 25,000 crystals to enter. Rewards tokens to unlock runes.

Fight For The Top (FFTT)

This is a very fast mode that allows skipping floors. Useful after a prestige to get back to a higher floor quickly.

Server Buffs

Server buffs can be obtained from the Buff Shop. These buffs cost real money. You buy buff credits with money, then spend the credits to unlock a temporary buff. These buffs affect everyone that is playing the game while the buff is active.


Boss Battle

Boss battles happen every hour. You have to manually register for the battle. Rewards include gold, red shards, and boss seals.

Horde Battle

Horde battles happen every two hours. This is similar to FFTT, but is server wide. You have to manually register for the battle. Rewards include gold, red shards, and boss seals.

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