Cocaine Dealer – Guide From Start to Late Game

This guide isnt about the optimized maxed out gameplay but the most stressless way with near to the least heat possible.

From Start to Late Game



If you drag the small unwrapped bags from the right side of the desk onto the blender on the upper right, you can specify the mixing ratio with which the material should be added to the pile in the middle.

Of course, the ratio can only go from the initial degree of purity in the direction of impure. E.g. 27% material can be blended to e.g. 20%, but cannot be purified to e.g. 35%.

The pile in the middle of the table behaves like a real pile. This means that if you start a new pile on the bare table and add a 10% purity bag from the blender and a 30% purity bag, your pile will have a total purity of 20%.

Keep this in mind, sometimes it’s better to completely pack a batch before adding new material, e.g. if you want to make a leap in quality.

The more you stretch the material, the more bags you get out to sell. However, for purer material, you can charge high prices while holding or even increasing customer satisfaction aka reputation also.


The more material you sell, the more sellers will introduce themselves to you and be available from then on.

Every new seller has:

  • Better prices than the old sellers.
  • Goods with a higher degree of purity.

You can miss a payment date once per purchase action without anything serious to happening.


Accept every worker you can get. Make sure you pay your workers regularly – this is important to keep them, and salary debt increases the likelihood that a pusher caught by the cops will snitch you off.

Bonuses and raises are very optional.


The beautiful things you can buy to increase your reputation certainly work somehow, but I could never “measure” the effect. So optional.

Get Started

Packing & pricing

Keep the purity of the material about 2% above the average of the city, increase the price to 60.

Pack between 0.97 and 1.03 grams per bag. Just try to hit 1.0 all the time.


Only send out your pushers when police presence is low or very low.

Ideally, the demand should be high, as the time your pusher is on the road until his stock is sold is shortened and thus the probability of being picked up by cops, but more important is the low police presence.

Most importantly, you should only let pushers sell on the street with a green energy bar. If the bar is yellow or even red, don’t send them off in the first place.

If you have sent someone with a green bar and he is on the road for so long that the bar turns yellow while he is still selling on the street, then get him back immediately (by clicking on rest).

Pushers with a green energy bar have the very best chance of escaping cops – As long as none of your pushers are arrested, the police will never come to you.


If you didn’t pay attention and a pusher was arrested and the cops come to you for the raid – don’t hesitate, just flush everything.

It’s better to lose a few thousand than game over.

Mid Game

Once you’ve sold so much that sellers offer you material with a purity of around 50%, you can change tactics a bit.

It’s best not to cut the material at all.

Just pull up the prices. Twice the purity plus 10 is a good guideline. For example 50% purity = 50 x 2 + 10 = 110 $.

See how the buyers and reputation react, maybe you need to slow down a bit, maybe you can push it a little further.

Don’t forget that the old packages with the old inferior purity, which are still with the pusher, for example, should first be sold before you raise the prices.

  • Since there are now bigger stats in play and your heart would hurt if you had to flush everything because of a raid, use a new tactic.
  • Always make sure that all bags from the right are on the pile and that the pile in the middle is completely bagged before someone is sent out on the street.
  • By now, you’re probably already getting one or two pushers to help you bag. Choose at least one pusher that only bags and never goes out on the street again.
  • You give this pusher your entire supply of bags.
  • Only give the selling pushers as many bags as you are willing to lose in case they are caught.
  • All other bags are left with the Bag Only Pusher.
  • If a selling pusher is arrested, the cops only collect the material that he had with him.
  • And when the cops come to the raid they won’t find anything, because only the table is searched, but not and never your baggy pusher.

Late Game

Purity and price

Everything remains the same here.

Maybe you can take it a little to the extreme.

Everything else new rules:

  • Only SMS deals will be accepted.
  • No pusher is sent on the street to sell anymore.
  • Equip these one or two pushers with cars so that they are more efficient.

You will need all other pushers for bagging. Don’t worry if you have 600, 700 or more bags on the table – you’ll need them very soon when the orders pile up – if they dont your pricing is to extreme.

With this tactic, you have a 0% risk of raids. You get rid of all your stuff. If the price is right, the reputation goes through the roof.

So you can go on indefinitely.

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