Cognizer – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough

All achievements recognized!

Complete Achievement Walkthrough

Music Settings

In the main menu, enter Options and access Music Track Selection.

Change the music tracks three times.


  • Change the music track settings 3 times

Color Settings

In the main menu, click Options and access Colorblind Settings. Select 6 colors and save.

Do it 5 times.


  • Change the color settings 5 times


When opening the game for the first time, the only mode unlocked will be Standard – Normal. Choose it and you will be presented with the tutorial which upon completion will unlock an achievement.

That Was Easy

  • Complete the tutorial


When clicking on a square with a color or symbol on the sad face, you lose a life and this counts as a mistake. You need a total of 10/100/1,000 to get three achievements. Zen mode is good for farming because in the first level there are two options to make mistakes.

Tenacious 1

  • Make 10 mistakes

Tenacious 2

  • Make 100 mistakes

Tenacious 3

  • Make 1,000 mistakes


The game has 2 modes, Standard and Speed, with 3 types of difficulty, Normal, Advanced and Expert. And one mode called Zen. You get score for completing some levels and for the remaining unused time.

For Standard, you need to play only the normal difficulty and pass some scores. In this mode, time decreases as you pass levels.

Standard Point Freak 1

  • Score 2000 on Standard – Normal

Standard Point Freak 2

  • Score 3500 on Standard – Normal

Standard Point Freak 3

  • Score 6000 on Standard – Normal

For Speed, you need to play the three difficulties, pass some scores in each and fulfill some conditions in some levels. Each difficulty has a different time limit. 1st is 10 seconds, 2nd is 8 and 3rd is 6.

Normal Speed Demon

  • Score 3000 on Speed – Normal

Advanced Speed Demon

  • Score 3000 on Speed – Advanced

Expert Speed Demon

  • Score 3000 on Speed – Expert

Speedy Perfectionist 1

  • Complete level 5 of Speed – Expert with three lives

Speedy Perfectionist 2

  • Complete level 10 of Speed – Expert with three lives

Speedy Perfectionist 3

  • Complete level 25 of Speed – Expert with three lives

For Zen, you need to pass some scores and fulfill some conditions. Zen mode has no time limit and ends after you complete level 15. Touching valid symbols in rapid succession will multiply points scored for each touch. A bonus will be awarded for each remaining life if you complete the game.

Click fast in the 10 valid symbols in any level to get the 10x multiplier.

First Step on the Path To Enlightenment

  • Get a x10 multiplier on Zen mode

Zen Pathfinder

  • Complete Zen mode with three lives

Zen Master

  • Complete Zen mode with three lives and a perfect score

Zen Initiate

  • Score 2000 on Zen mode

Zen Adept

  • Score 3500 on Zen mode

Zen Ascendent

  • Score 6000 on Zen mode
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