Company of Heroes 2 – All Units Mod: UK Forces In-Depth Analysis

A complete analysis of everything that the British can throw at the Axis in Company of Heroes 2 with the All Units Mod.


The British….the British…the British are coming. Across the English channel, into Africa, and driving deep into Berlin to be precise. The British are the nice kinds of guys that are always so polite and courteous that one can’t help but take a liking to them. A few among them are the type who would apologize for being blown up moments prior to it happening, though one could argue that that is the exact kind of appeasement that got them into this mess in the first place. 

Though to understand what led us to this sad point, we must journey back to 1918 where the treaty of Versailles was just signed with article 231 placing the entire blame for the first world war, the war to end all wars, squarely upon “Germany and her allies”, forcing them to pay back an impossible sum in war reparations, disarm as a nation, and several other egregious conditions. One other thing one has to bear in mind is how much slower information traveled back then. From the perspective of the average German citizen, they only got involved because they heard that Russia had mobilized their army, and now they were being issued terms of dictated peace when they weren’t even the ones who started the damn war. This created a lot of very disenfranchised, very angry people, who were going to make their opinions known in about 20 years. 

One other thing one has to bear in mind is that the treaty of Versailles left no nation happy and satisfied. Empires were dissolved (Bye, Ottomans. Bye, Austro-Hungarians), certain parties wanted more territory and didn’t get it, France wanted Germany’s money, smaller, weaker, easily conquered nations were created, and Britain was of the position that all this was far too harsh and left no measure to make the recently defeated Central Powers into good neighbors with each other. I sure how someone picks up that phone because they freakin’ called it. 

Bring us to CoH2 time, when this weird guy with the pencil mustache and claims to be a veteran of WW1 rises to power in Germany, Britain thinks that this is another flash in the pan dictator. Nothing no one hasn’t seen before. Why would now be any different? Then he takes Austria and reunites it with Germany, and nothing was done. Then he eyes Czechoslovakia, and, with the hopes of placation, he is given all the areas in that state with the majority of German citizens, but it wasn’t to be. Now…. uh oh… he just attacked Poland with the Soviets joining in to divvy it up amongst themselves… and again, nothing was done, despite the fact that Germany has broken the terms of the treaty, has a military, and it’s a really good one. People talked, and negotiations stalled, but what Britain failed to realize is that this was no mere 5 minute dictator, nor was this a reasonable rational man that could be won over with logic. This was a monster and the cup he sought to fill had no bottom. 

People like to talk about Chamberlain and his policy of appeasement a lot. That it was stupid to try and satisfy the Nazis, but honestly, with the information that was at hand, how could he possibly have known any better? The Germans had gone from taking possibly the worst brunt of WW1, with 1.7 million casualties out of the 9.7 million total, and a position of complete disarmament and poverty under the treaty of Versailles to this unstoppable killing machine, every aspect of their military built up in abject secrecy. As far as anyone knew, Hitler was an idiot who would make some small conquests, be in office till his people got bored of him, fail and get booted out. By the time they realized the full gravity of the situation, most of their manpower was tied up at Dunkirk facing outright slaughter in a matter of days. 

The is the mindset that one should go into when wielding this faction. Britain is a defensive army that is dealing with a massive existential threat that got WAY out of hand. They favor few, powerful, but pricey units and their early game consists of fortifying ground and holding the line; preventing enemy advance until Hammer and Anvil doctrines can be deployed and the likes of Cromwell, Churchill, and the Sherman Firefly can demonstrate why one’s Reich should never exceed their grasp. You fight monsters, but they don’t nearly seem so scary when a 290mm Mortar bumps them back in the night.

Field Command

Basically little more than a collection of tents held down with tea bricks, parked vehicles, radio equipment and the odd artillery piece. It’s still your binding anchor to this time period. You lose it, you get punted back to the modern day where the only Nazis still around work for EA. It offers a fair amount of upgrades and synergized abilities to get your war machine moving, but never really becomes very impressive to look at. 

Tier 1 upgrades

Bolster infantry Squads: Costs 150 mp/25 fuel. Do you realize the hell that this one upgrade has made my life while writing this? I mean, sure, it adds a single man to most squads, but it also increases the pop cap numbers, so I had to go back over everything I’ve already done and reverify it all for the sake of accuracy. Because I am a professional. 

Lend-Lease Act: Costs 120 muns/25 fuel. Adds an ability to your commander hot bar where you spend a good deal of floated resources for some random units from any of the Allied powers. You could get a few T-34s or one of those awesome Pershings from the Americans, or a few mortars teams and a Stuart. You roll the dice on this one. 

Defensive Operations: Costs 125 mp/15 fuel. This ability unlocks the Forward Assembly, 3-inch mortar, 25-Pounder, and 17-Pounder emplacements as well as the unfortified 17-Pounder. It also activates the building repair ability for many British infantry units. 

Research Weapon Racks: Costs 150 mp/15 fuel. This unlocks the Vickers K, Bren Gun, and PIAT racks for use, costing 70/45/50 muns each respectively. Provides more bewm, blam, and dakka dakka dakka to the rank and file. 

Vehicle Crew Repairs and Stand Fast: Costs 150 mp/25 fuel. Unlocks abilities of the same name for MANY British Vehicles and Emplacements. 

Grenade Package: Costs 100 mp/10 fuel. Unlocks No. 36M Frag grenades for the enlisted, and HEAT grenades for the royal engineers. 

Tier 2 Upgrades

Requisition Armed Vehicles: Costs 100 mp/15 fuel. Unlocks the AEC Mk. III 75mm Armored Car for use. 

Requisition the Bofors and Land Mattress Emplacements: Costs 100mp/15 fuel. Unlocks the emplacements of the same name for construction. 

Tier 4 Upgrades

Specialization: Hammer
Cost 200mp/fuel 40

This unlocks use of the gammon bomb, the emergency war speed buff, activates the passive that allows vehicle crews to track enemy vehicles that they damage, and makes the Firefly available for us. 

Specialization: Anvil
Cost 200mp/fuel 40

This unlocks the churchill heavy tank family, the heavy engineer package, airburst shells from the base, and the advanced warning passive, letting captured territory grant vision.

Infantry Section

Cost 280 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 7

The Tommy to Germany’s Jerry (which is where the cartoon show got the names. Yes, really, look it up), the dough boy, the duckfoot, the boys who go to a particular place at a particular hour, occupy a designated terrain, dig the enemy out of their holes and force them to either surrender or die. As far as infantry go, the IS is the equivalent to the US Riflemen, though they lack a few of the abilities that make the United States such a nightmare to deal with. I can assume that they’re too busy screaming “God save the Queen” in outrageous accents to have space in their brains left for hunkering down. Fortunately, there is a defensive equalizer: Emplacements. The British have SO. MANY. EMPLACEMENTS. The IS double as Great Britain’s builder detail, able to set up and maintain these structures and are able to use them as bunkers and cover in case things get dicey. All things considered, IS are very flexible and versatile, able to achieve a broad array of feats and contend with all manner of enemies, picking up weapons at the Field Command to deal with whatever rolls, drives, or jogs up. 


No. 36M “Mills Bomb”: Costs 25 muns. More commonly know as a Frag Grenade, and resembles a pineapple. Pull the pin, throw the thing, watch Germans explode. Fun times for the whole team. 

Gammon Bomb: Costs 75 muns. This is an upgrade you’ll get later on from the Fire Base, but it’s basically a coffee can filled with TNT that sticks to its target, and explodes after a short timer. Wrecks buildings, vehicles, infantry, even damages tanks in a rather large radius, which is damn well ought to because it’s as expensive as an artillery strike. Such is the price for those devoted to the art of bewm. 

Coordinated Fire: Costs 45 muns. Were you aware that the British Fire Base was equipped with 25-pounder guns? That’s 3.5 inches in cheeseburger units. When clicking a target point with this ability, infantry throws down a red flare, and the artillery at the base will smack it with 8 quick blasts of artillery. They’re not very accurate, so it’s the usual fare of blowing up everything around an enemy hoping to kill them. 

Distribute Medical Supplies: The British have come prepared for class! This heals up the squad and every squad nearby with gauze, morphine, Earl Grey and such. Gotta keep those faces looking pretty, lads! You’ll still need a reinforcement point nearby as the EU hasn’t outlawed death yet. 

Building Repair: Where General Patton would say that such things would only hold up the advance, the British would have locked down an entire area and enjoying a tea break in as much time as it would take for him to say it. To that end, infantry are able to do spot welds, sandbag restacking and light field repairs on said emplacements. This ONLY applies to buildings, and doesn’t work on vehicles or on civilian structures.

Cover Bonus: This is more an innate passive that applies to a LOT of British ground troops that are not commandos where they see an increase in rate of fire while they are in cover. Now, with all the emplacements and constructibles they have, cover is pretty easy to come by while in your own territory, but what about when making a push where $hit is blowing up left and right? Easy, use a tank! I’m a little shocked by how few people realize this, but when a tank is stationary, it’s sides can be used as green cover. The back as well, but the sides have enough space for a whole squad. 

Now here’s the next big question. Does angling work in CoH2? Well, yes, but actually no. Changing your angle to your attacker won’t make the shell bounce off anymore than usual unless RNGesus is being really subtle about it. But what it can do is make your tank’s rear section a bit harder to hit. In this game, there is no side armor. There is frontal armor, and rear armor with the tank divided almost in half, and if a shot lands anywhere behind that invisible line, it counts as a rear armor hit for increased damage. So, logic would dictate that you’d want your tank facing at a 90 degree angle to the enemy so that infantry have the most cover, but that would leave you perilously exposed to rear armor hits with almost a 50% chance. And facing front toward the enemy won’t offer infantry enough cover to do support. So, split the difference and align your tank just enough that it’s placed between infantry and their attackers, and keep the narrowest part of the tank facing your enemy. The sweet spot, I’ve found, is about 40 or 50 degrees angle. 


Pyrotechnics Supplies: Costs 40 muns. Gives the infantry section a set of red flares and the “Coordinated Fire” ability with which to signal the 25-pounders at the Fire Base that there are Nazis in need of killing at this location. Locks out Medical Supplies upgrade if taken. 

Medical Supplies: Costs 30 muns. Gives the squad some tea leaves and unlocks the “Distribute Medical supplies” ability. Fun fact: when the British are supplied with tea, they achieve Deadpool levels of regeneration, which is how they achieved their globe spanning empire in previous eras and why they tore apart China like Rottweilers hopped up on crystal meth in the Opium Wars. They tried to stand between them and their tea. Never a good idea. 

3x Sten Gun SMGs: Undermines the IS’ long range killing ability, but turns them into close-range monsters that reduce charging Germans into just so much shredded meat. 

M2 Flamethrower: Costs 60 muns. The one guy who didn’t get a Sten Gun from command felt a little left out, so we got him a FLAMETHROWER for his birthday! Does more damage to units in cover, and just fills his little booze chugging heart with glee.


Radio Post: Costs 30 mp/5 fuel. You remember this thing, don’t you? From the American guide? Well, buckle up because the Brits have a whole new set of field commanders and we’ll get to them eventually. 

Muns/Fuel Cache: Costs 250 mp. Built on a resource point to generate +6 muns or +4 fuel per minute on top of what the point was providing earlier. That’s either +10 muns or +6 fuel per minute, which is the same as a dedicated resource node on the game map. 

Slit Trench: A hole in the dirt, also known as a foxhole. Not THAT kind of foxhole, you sickening furry weebs! This one protects you from bullets and such, but flamethrowers will make you suffer because they can just pour the burning fuel straight in, and if a mortar or artillery shell lands INSIDE the trench, you’re going to have a bad time. Still, better than nothing. Interestingly, there are two versions of this. The one with straight walls has no upgrade, but the one slightly bowed out can be reinforced with improved fortification for more health and armor. It also adds a roof, but I don’t know how much help that offers with the problems I mentioned prior. 

Sandbags: There are two panes for this. One creates a simple game object, and the other lets you drag sandbags in a line in whatever shape and length you need them to be. Offers green cover for infantry, and leads to a long happy life of retirement and post-traumatic stress. 

The IS also builds ALL of the emplacements listed below.

Forward Assembly

Costs 200 mp. 

So long as it remains in a territory that is contiguous with your Fire Base, this will act as a reinforcement point, and has all manner of upgrades and useful support abilities! 


Coordinated Fire: Costs 45 muns. Just like the infantry section ability, but they don’t need to pay to unlock it. Radius is rather large, and flares just fall right out of the sky instead of being thrown. 

Artillery Cover: Costs 180 muns and requires the observation post upgrade. Artillery will rain upon specific targets in the area. Vehicles will get wrecked with Howitzer fire, and infantry will get hit with lighter artillery fire. 

High Explosive Artillery Support: Costs 150 muns. Going to need to test this out later. 

Smoke Artillery Support: Costs 50 muns. And they said we were crazy for bottling all of Churchill’s cigar smoke up. Shells containing smoke bombs will hit the designated location within moments of activating the ability, and they persist for a moderate time. Very useful if, say….something happens like you’re trying to write this guide and some Panther tank rolls up to start shooting at your Forward Assembly like a dingus. SERIOUSLY, F**K OFF, I’M TRYING TO DO A THING HERE!

Recon Air Support: Costs 60 muns. This calls in an Allied aircraft to loiter in the area. If they see a problem, the typical British response is to have something flying at it that explodes and ends that problem. 

Strafing Run Air Support: Costs 150 muns. Going to need to test this out later. 


Forward Retreat Point: costs 200 mp. When instructed to retreat, infantry will flee here instead. This is the one upgrade that doesn’t lock out any of the others on the list. 

Advanced Assembly: Costs 200 mp. This dispatches a few royal engineers to the area, which will repair nearby vehicles and buildings. Useful at maintaining a sim city, that being a massive sprawling nest of emplacements and fortifications. 

Medical Stations: costs 60 muns. Deploys a few medics to the Forward Assembly, who heal infantry automatically. Because Tom is always such a whiner when he gets a leg blown off at the knee. YOU CAN BE A PIRATE NOW, MAN! 

Observation Post: Costs 75 mp/10 fuel. This turns the Forward Assembly into a caster building that can call in all manner of additional useful abilities, most of which make Germans explode.

3-inch Mortar Emplacement

Costs 400 mp
Pop Cap 8

Writing this out is going to kick my face in because ALL of these emplacements have abilities, passives, upgrades, and garrison abilities. The editing for this is going to look like the Infinity Wars and my sanity isn’t feeling so good, Mr. Stark. Well… might as well get started… The 3-inch mortar has a VERY healthy range that, if properly spotted for, can redecorate Germany one crater at a time. If you garrison a squad inside of this, not only will they shoot out at nearby ne’er-do-wells, they’ll help the Mortar team reload the tube faster. 


Mortar Barrage: Designate a target area and the emplacement will smash it repeatedly like Hitomi Tanaka on a lonely Thursday evening. 

Stand Fast: Costs 40 muns. The emplacement is automatically repaired over time, and repairs proceed much faster when out of combat. They’ll stop completely if the Brace Structure ability is used. 

Counter Barrage: Toggled ability. If an enemy uses an indirect fire weapon like a Mortar, a Howitzer or motor carriage, this emplacement will automatically acquire it and fire back at it. Which is why, when you bombard things in enemy territory, you move the second you’re done because you just acquired a fair amount of hate and they can see you. 

Creeping Smoke Barrage: Creates a line of raining smoke shells leading from point A to point B to block the line of sight of multiple hostile entities. Quite useful for giving cover to a charge of your own units. 

Brace Structure: Disables all weaponry and batons down the hatches, because this incoming barrage is gonna suck. The emplacement takes less damage which this is going on, so if you see a few flares land on the ground around it and they aren’t yours, hit the button and pray. Lasts 20 seconds. 

Self-Destruct: Destroys the emplacement, but you won’t be refunded the costs of it. Useful if you made a mistake, built the wrong thing, and need that area for a different emplacement. 


Improved Fortification: Costs 75 muns. This shores up the defenses of the emplacement and removes its vulnerability to small arms.

Bofors QF 40mm Emplacement

Cost 280 mp/30 fuel
Pop Cap 10

Don’t be fooled by the AA title. That’s only part of what a Bofors does. The lion’s share is slaughtering the hapless meat on the ground with slow firing (at least by machine gun standards), powerful, accurate bolts of pure hatred. If it walks, Bofors wants to break its legs. If it has organs and blood, Bofors wants to see them stewn over its sandbag walls like cheap plastic flamingos on a trailer park’s front lawn. This is a hard counter to everything relating to infantry and it is GLORIOUS. 


Suppressive Fire: The Bofors suddenly wants to become like it’s good buddy, the 3-inch mortar, and fires up into the sky to rain down explosive shells onto a targeted area. I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible since this is a gun designed to shoot down aircraft, but I’m made of meat and would prefer not to argue with Bofors. Interestingly, the further away from the emplacement that the target area is, the larger the targeted circle becomes, leading to an increase in bullet scatter. However, Bofors will require a few more hands to shuffle about the ammunition required for such an act, and you’ll need to garrison the structure.

Stand Fast: Same as the mortar emplacement ability of the same name.

Brace Structure: shuts down the guns and orders the emplacement into a defensive stance, taking less damage from all sources for a 20 seconds. 

Self-Destruct: Death is the only way to sate Bofor’s hunger for blood. 


Improved Fortification: Costs 75 muns. This shores up the defenses of the emplacement and removes its vulnerability to small arms. 

Land Mattress Emplacement

Costs 380 mp/40 fuel
Pop Cap 10

WTF is a Land Mattress, I hear some of you ask? No, it’s not what the Sniper uses to take power naps with, or what the Queen uses to get wrecked like Diana by Alucard during the Blitz. This is a MLRS unit that is bolted to a stationary emplacement and can fill an area with explosions with 0 warning, providing for all of your indirect saturation fire needs


HE Rocket Barrage: This unit carries 30 rockets and when the order is given, is more than happy to empty them all over whatever you’ve had in mind. The cooldown is long though at 2 minutes for a reload, so once LM’s blown his load, he needs to nap for a while. 

White Phosphorous Barrage: Costs 50 muns. Sadly, LM won’t launch 30 rockets of white phosphorous onto your target, but 10 should be more than enough to get the burning, stinging, denying point across. 

Stand Fast:Costs 40 muns. Summon automatic repairs that are faster out of combat. Stops if the structure is braced, which the land mattress emplacement can’t do anyway. 


Improved Fortifications: Costs 75 muns. Shores up the defenses of the emplacement and removes vulnerability to small arms. 

Forward Observers: Costs 80 muns/15 fuel. Allocates advanced forward observers to increase the maximum range of the land mattress. Just when Germany thought it was safe.

QF 25-Pounder Howitzer

Costs 400mp/35 fuel
Pop Cap 10

But Admiral, I hear you say, we already have 2 of these at the base and they were given to us for free. Why do we need more? This is why I am the Admiral, and you are a lowly scrub. You ALWAYS need more artillery. The entire premise of artillery is to fill an area so full of explosions that Germans look at it like a blast furnace, a plastic shredder, the dentist’s office or modern day Detroit. Just going into such a place, one should expect pain and death. So, the more 25-pounders we have turning Germany into the world’s largest open air BBQ, the better off we will be. 


8.7cm Howitzer Barrage: Fires 5 rounds of artillery into the targeted area to spell out “BEGONE, THOT!” in craters. 

Airburst Barrage: Costs 30 muns. I’m convinced this was accidentally discovered when an intern screwed up the AP shell detonation timing. Normally, shells puncture a target and explode INSIDE of it due to a brief micro-timer on the shell’s fuse that activates at the point of impact, which is why I’ve gone on so much about penetration. If it goes off outside, then the kinetic and thermal energy is spread over the hull and armor for minimal damage. Airbursts do this on purpose, raining down pieces of shrapnel over a broad area. Vehicles are stunned at best, but infantry will NOT appreciate this. 

Counter Battery: Toggled ability. When the Germans think they can use their own artillery, we prove them WRONG. It’s only funny when we do it. If the 25-pounder doesn’t have anything else to do, and detects enemy artillery firing off, it’ll fire a few shells back to tell the krauts to get off its lawn. 

Join Barrages: Toggled ability. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about before. With this enabled, the 25-Pounder will join in on any barrage called down by the Coordinated Fire, Concentration Barrage, or Perimeter Overwatch abilities. The default artillery already throws down 8 shells, and a single emplacement battery adds another 5. Do you not see the glory?! Bombs bursting in air, but our flag was still the… oh…um…sorry. Wrong faction. 

Stand Fast: Costs 40 muns. Automatic repairs to the emplacement that are faster outside of combat, but turns off completely if you use the brace structure ability. 

Self-Destruct: in case you decide that you no longer want to have artillery superiority, you can delete the 25-pounder to put something else down in its place. 


Improved Fortications: Costs 75 muns. Shores up the emplacement’s defenses and removes the vulnerability to small arms.

QF 17-Pounder AT Gun

Costs 600 mp
Pop Cap 10

What is this? A DOWNGRADE? Calm yourselves, majestic nerd herd. This is meant for something a little different. Specifically, it fires 3 inch shells that are meant to blow a hole the size of your dining room in the side of a German Panzer. The in-game description states that it is one of the most effective AT guns of the war and hits significantly harder than the mobile 6-pounder. Despite the fact that this thing OBVIOUSLY has wheels, it cannot be moved from its constructed point. 


Piercing shot: costs 90 muns and requires Vet 1. Going to need more testing to see what this does. 

Prioritize vehicles: While it might amuse me endlessly to see a German soldier instantly be turned into a crater full of blood with an AT round, it distracts from the designed purpose of the gun: murdering tanks. Toggling this ability will make the gun ignore infantry and focus only on things with engines.

QF 17-Pounder AT Gun Emplacement

Cost 400 mp/75 fuel
Pop Cap 14

One might dismiss this, at a glance, as the previous AT gun with some added protection and is not worth the fuel costs. FOOLS! The presence of sandbags allows for additional powers, abilities, and upgrades because it acts as a natural conductor for WAR ENERGY!!! Everyone knows that! The sandbags also give cover to infantry who will defend the gun with their lives as well as increasing the rotation speed, and rate of fire because idle hands are the devil’s workshop. 


Fire Flare: Costs 40 muns and requires vet 1 as well as a garrison. Launches a flare at the targeted area so Big Brother 25-er can start pummeling the area to crushed bone fragments, bits of blood soaked hair, and scattered teeth. It can also reveal that enemy tank that retreated just out of range because, like everything else, the 17-er has a weapon range longer than its sight range. 

Stand Fast: Costs 40 muns. Automatic repairs that are faster out of combat. Canceled with Brace Structure ability. 

Piercing Shot: Costs 90 muns. 


Improved Fortifications: Costs 75 muns. Shores up the defenses of the emplacement and removes vulnerability to small arms. 

Automatic Rotation: Costs 60 muns. Hard to really say what this does. Needs more testing. 

And that is ALL the emplacements for the British that their basic infantry unit can build. JESUS CHRIST. I feel like I need a nap after all that garbage.

Royal Engineers

Cost 210 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 5

Next up on the list is Great Britain’s dedicated builder unit. 
*looks at previous writings*… 
*slowly realizes there’s more* … 

Joking aside, the Royal Engineers offer different options and fit into more of a specialist support role similar to Assault Engineers for the Americans. They spawn in with everyone holding a CQC Sten gun, but can be assigned and upgraded different weapons as conditions permit. 


Specialist Repair: Not only do the Royals fix up whatever needs fixing, if the target is a British vehicle, they’ll tune it up until it’s purring like a kitten. This tuning, manifesting as the “Emergency War Speed” buff, makes the holder 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%. 

Destroy Cover: Places a timed demo charge on the target location, blowing apart good cover that you could have used, obstacles, and other such nonsense that needs to get gone. 

Forward Observation Post: Cost 250 mp/30 fuel. This can convert an occupied civilian building within friendly territory into a Forward observation post, giving it all the powers and call-ins of the Forward Assembly with the upgrade of the same name. 

Throw HEAT Grenade: Costs 25 muns. This isn’t a warm grenade, or even a cooked one, but good guess. It stands for High Explosive Anti-Tank grenade, so what do you think you should use these on? 


M2 Flamethrower: Costs 60 muns. Replaces a Sten Gun in the squad with a toaster. More of a side-grade, but good against units in cover. 

Hazard Removal Package: Costs 30 muns. Removes a Sten Gun in favor of a mine detector. I’ve never seen the AI make use of planting mines, but in the event they ever do so, this will allow you to see them and dispose of them. 

Heavy Engineers: Costs 60 muns. Royals receive a shipment of heavy duty engineering equipment, letting them build and repair faster, but slows them down a little bit. This also replaces a Sten Gun in the squad with a Vickers K LMG for longer range murder fun times. 


Sandbags of either variety, either game object or dragged line. It’s green cover and good for you. 

Razor Wire, barring passage for infantry units. 

Tank Trap to bar passage to vehicles. Together, they make a Trump wall. 

Road Blocks: heavier duty Tank Traps to really stress the point that tanks aren’t getting through here. 

Modified M6 Mine: Costs 30 muns. The Brits swiped the M6 from the US’ utility car, and fiddled about with the design. It has a hair trigger now, so it’ll go off if infantry steps on it, utterly ruining the whole squad, and possibly disabling the vehicle they rode here in. At least it would if there wasn’t a cap on how many squad members can be reduced to a spray of discarded limbs like a potato head doll being flung down the stairs for each mine that goes off. You can expect about 3-4 kills per mine, and vehicles suffering heavy damage and possibly a crit or two.

Universal Carrier

Costs 260 mp
Pop Cap 3

This is a lovely little treaded APC, also known as a Bren Gun Carrier because of its armament, and is the most widely produced armored fighting vehicle in history, even by modern standards. By default, it is cheap, lightly armored, reasonably quick, and can fit a single squad in the back. With this squad in tow, it can capture points, unlike other vehicles. However, it has a pair of upgrades and either one removes the ability to carry squads in favor of additional firepower. 


Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. The crew rapidly repairs the UC, and immobilizes it, but it’s also covered by a smoke screen while the repairs are conducted. Given the fact that tier 1 early game vehicles have two states of health: Fine and exploding, this is likely not worth it unless you really need that UC kept alive for whatever reason. 

Crew Repair: Costs 15 muns. This turns off the movement and weapons of the UC and has the crew rapidly repair the vehicle. But the crew can just get out and do some spot welds for free. 


Vickers K Mounted Variant: Costs 60 muns. Replaces the troop compartment with a LMG. Since the squad it carries can’t fire out, this is quite a boost to early game firepower. Locks out use of the WASP

WASP Flamethrower Variant: Costs 75 muns. Replaces the troop compartment with a moderate range flamethrower. Seriously, the range of this thing is always a nasty surprise for soldiers who thought they were safe. However, it does prevent enemy soldiers from being grabbed. Because you can’t grab someone who has lit themselves on fire. Locks out use of the Vickers.

Platoon Command Post

Cost 180mp/25 fuel

Required to unlock the next tier of British technology and activates one of the two 25-Pounders at the Field Command. It’s a road block to make sure everything stays fair and balanced for everyone, and while you might not like it, gotta shovel the stool to get to the cool, chief.

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Team

Cost 260 mp
Squad size 4
Pop Cap 6

I’m sure that the first thing you’ll notice about these is that they make a literal “DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA” sound when they fire. Their rate of fire is a bit below that of the American HG team, and FAR below that of the German bullet hose, but they still generate good suppression and damage for a moderate cost. They don’t break down as quickly as the US MG team, but faster than the Soviet Maxim. The Vickers team has no abilities or upgrades, and there is nothing about the team terribly complicated. They just like killing people, I guess.

Ordinance ML 3-Inch Mortar

Cost 300 mp
Squad size 4
Pop Cap 6

What goes up….eventually blows up a Nazi. A bit more expensive than usual as far as mortar crews go, but its range is impressive and will only be increased further with veterancy. No upgrades for the British Mortar team, but it does have a pair of useful abilities. 


Mortar Barrage: Designate an area and watch it get pounded to mush. 

Smoke Barrage: Requires vet 1. Designate an area and fill it with line of sight blocking smoke to ruin a MG team’s target practice session. 

.55 cal Armor-Piercing Sniper

Cost 360 mp
Squad size 1
Pop Cap 9

This guy isn’t using a standard 7.62mm bullet as is common in so many other sniper rifles. He’s carrying a…. oh f*ck, that’s an anti-tank rifle. OH F*CK THAT’S AN ANTI-TANK RIFLE! My devotion to Team Four Star aside, it’s a high powered Boys Anti-Material rifle. Infantry still die in one shot, but he can do things like put a bullet through the engine block of a light vehicle to stop its nonsense right now. He might even be able to do limited damage to a tank if he’s lucky! 


Sniper Prone: Normally, the sniper is only camouflaged when in yellow cover or higher. With Sniper Prone active, he will crawl on the ground in a prone position, have his sight range extended and be cloaked until he fires his weapon. However, he will return to a cloaked state more slowly than if he was in cover. 

Hold Fire: if the sniper never fires his weapon, he will never be revealed unless an enemy unit passes too close. Combined with the prior ability, this turns him into a long range artillery spotter, which synergizes well with his next ability. 

Coordinated Fire: Costs 45 muns. This calls in a strike from every 25-Pounder within range on the map, dropping the hammer on a German position with absolutely no mercy whatsoever. Depending on how large your sim city has grown so far, this could blanket an area with over 2 dozen shells for the cost of little more than a frag grenade all because one cloaked maniac saw the enemy before they saw him. 

Set up Tent: Given the fact that the British sniper can damage vehicles out of the blue with 0 warning setting them up for a humiliating death, and call upon such explosive force that it is often mistaken for the Wrath of God at will, his death is a fairly high priority for the enemy. Given the fact the he is the only member of his squad, and cannot reinforce, once his hp reaches 0, that’s it. You’re out 360 mp. However, if he can escape, he can set up a cloaked bedroll to hide and regain his hp before making another attempt at earning the moniker “White Death”. Only 542 to go, buddy. 

Critical Shot: Costs 30 muns and requires Vet 1. With one shot, the sniper can temporarily shut down an enemy vehicle. By the time he gets the stall cleared, 6-pounders have moved in for the kill, and the quarterback is toast.

Royal Engineer Recovery Squad

Cost 230 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 5

Well versed in the art of making the most from every last scrap of war material, be it Allied or Axis, every British commander should have one of these running around. They can fight for themselves reasonably well with 3 short range Sten guns (1 guy brought a minesweeper), but their job is salvaging the wrecks left behind from blown apart tanks and vehicles. Every time you make a kill or suffer a vehicle loss, these guys should be on their way to extract the fuel and muns from the remains. 


Repair: Like all other engineers, the recovery squad can repair any damaged vehicle, structure, or bridge with what I can only assume is a truly astonishing amount of flex tape. 

Destroy Cover: Places a small charge to blow up little bits of cover. Useful for getting the garbage that sometimes accumulates on a map out of the way, or denying good cover to the enemy. 

Salvage: This is the Recovery Squad’s raison d’etre. Whenever you toast a tank or some manner of other vehicle, it leaves behind a wreck that slowly decays away. The squad can “mine out” a wreck for trace amounts of muns and fuel until the wreck collapses. This only takes a few seconds and while it might not be much, it’s enough to make it worth having these guys around. 

Smoke Grenade: Costs 15 muns. Nazis tend to ignore the Geneva Suggestion and take shots at medics and recovery crews. Tossing one of these at a wreck ensures that the team can extract the resources without being harassed, and exfiltrate the area safely when they’re done. 

Throw HEAT Grenade: costs 25 muns. If there is an enemy tank on the verge of death, you can toss one of these at it to finish them off.

British Medic Squad

Costs 180 mp
Squad Size 3
Pop Cap 3

Sadly, these guys suffer from the same SCAR bug as the American squad does, so you’ll have to baby sit all of your squad’s healing time manually. 


First Aid: Heals the targeted squad. 

Field First Aid: Costs 20 muns. Applies a heal over time effect to the squad that is canceled if they go into combat.

Ordinance QF 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

Costs 320 mp
Pop Cap 7

This is Britain’s answer to German Armor Superiority. The 6-pounder earns it’s name because the AT shell it fires weighs approximately 6 pounds. Turns out that Germans feel a little less uber with exploding munitions the size of large pop cans flying at them at something slightly less than ludicrous speed. 


Rapid Maneuvers: Requires vet 1. Faster Turning and movement speed. For all those special times where Axis players stop face rolling their keyboards and think to flank. See you in Hell, Panther. Tell Hitler he sucks when you see him.

AEC Mk. III 75mm Armored Car

Costs 280 mp/60 fuel
Pop Cap 6

This is a car that apparently thinks it’s a tank! It scoots about fairly quickly on the battlefield and is armed with a machine gun and the same 75mm cannon that the Sherman and Churchill uses and this gives the AEC the ability to reliably punch above its weight. It knocks out light vehicles often in a mere 2 or 3 shots, offers infantry support for pushes, and has some useful abilities as well. 


Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. Generates a smoke-screen around itself and triggers an auto-repair function found in many, MANY British vehicles. They basically call-time out to fix a flat. 

Smoke Screen: 30 muns. Despite being armed like a tank, the AEC is still armored like a car, so enduring massive amounts of punishment isn’t in the cards. Fortunately, it can do little hit and runs like zooming by, engaging in a single shot of surprise rear armor fornication, and keep right on driving, popping smoke to avoid reprisal. 

Target Tread: Costs 30 muns. This ability turns the guns from the enemy hull toward their wheels or treads, often spelling a death sentence for the victim if the AEC is supported by AT guns or infantry with PIATs. Bear in mind, the victim’s guns still work just fine and they’re not going to be happy.

Tactical Operations Center

Cost 180 mp/35 fuel

Unlocks the 3rd tier of British technology for use. It also spawns a Command Truck that can be set up on any territory owned by you to generate troops on the front line.

General Officer Commanding

Costs 355 mp
Squad Size 5
Pop Cap 8
Unique Unit. Can only have one. 

Well, isn’t THIS guy pretentious AF. The game says that he just walks up and expects everyone to fight better around him, but I haven’t been able to find the exact values.

Anyway, this guy is a bit of a double edged sword. He generates a commanding aura, and has a number of useful abilities, but if he buys the farm, every unit around him that was previously receiving his aura will retreat, leaving your fortifications and vehicles perilously exposed until you can get your army’s $hit back together. 


Advanced Cover Combat: Costs 75 muns. Now, this ability is fairly expensive in muns, but gives your infantry an even greater bonus in cover. If you’re caught out on the road with nothing between you and German bullets, activating it will generate a cover bonus for everyone else like they were standing in green. But that’s also the problem. Everyone ELSE. The Officer and his squad is not effected by either his aura or this ability, making him a blind spot at best, or a liability that can shatter your army’s cohesion without warning at worst. 

Raid Operation: Costs 50 muns. This is a unique ability where it allows ALL British infantry and even vehicles to capture points at lightning pace. Kind of ironic that you’re using blitzkrieg tactics on the Nazis, eh?

Light Gammon Bomb: Costs 35 muns. This can save not only the officer but your entire army. Toss one of these into that machine gun nest, make some pretty meat confetti, and maybe this squad won’t shuffle off to the Great Officer’s Lounge in the sky. As usual, it’s not as effective or boomy as a regular gammon bomb, but it’s cheaper, it can be thrown further and pasting a German in the chest with one is ALWAYS funny. 

Recon Sweep: Costs 30 muns and requires Vet 1. Performs a quick aerial recon pass, revealing the fog of war in a linear path. Like that enemy sniper about to pop your Officer’s head like a grape and make everyone panic on their way back to the base.

Reconnaissance Section

Costs 300mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 7

The fact that these guys spawn into the battlefield with weapons really doesn’t matter. They won’t be using them. Instead, these guys have the job of remaining hidden and spotting for artillery call-downs. If they’re spotted, it’s usually time to drop the hammer and flee. 


Reconnaissance Tactics: Toggled ability. Unlike the Sniper ability that uses the same icon, the Recon Squad can move at normal speed while cloaked, but their weapons are disabled. 

Assault Grenades: Costs 45 muns. This is more an ability of spite than anything else. If the Recon squad is revealed, they can all throw their grenades in tandem at the target area, making Claus wish that he failed his spot check. 

Smoke Grenade Reposition: Costs 10 muns. Drops a smoke grenade on current position, and then gains sprint speed buff.

Tank Hunter Infantry Section

Costs 300mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 7

These nice guys offer a lovely light-weight low cost solution to enemy vehicles running around, especially valuable if you’ve blown all your muns using the 25-pounders and don’t have anything left for PIATS. They carry Boys Anti-Tank rifles (not doing the TFS joke again), and do okay damage against things up to the level of a medium tank. Fortunately, they carry a few more tools in case a Tiger rolls up and you’re curious what’s inside. 


Throw No.36M “Mills Bomb”: Costs 25 muns. Pretty typical frag grenade. Since their infantry power is lessened by their AM rifles, this is a good fall-back. 

Gammon Bomb: Costs 75 muns. THIS is what you use to break open heavy tanks. It’s big, it’s heavy, you can’t throw it far, but when you stick it to an enemy tank, get behind something because it’s gonna be big. 

Throw HEAT Grenade: costs 25 muns. Standing for High Explosive Anti-Tank grenade, this offers yet another means of turning the pride of the Fatherland’s war machine into a twisted pile of scrap.

Vehicle Detection: Costs 15 muns and last 30 seconds. Apparently, Tank Hunters have learned to do the same thing you have and can use their ears. They can hear vehicles and relay their positions to you so they appear on the mini-map. Sadly, auditory function doesn’t last long. 

Coordinated Barrage: Costs 45 muns and requires pyrotechnics supplies. This is your last ditch effort. In case everything else in your tank hunters’ kits has failed, you call down the thunder and give them a taste of the 25-pounders. 

Distribute Medical Supplies: Hunting tanks is dangerous work. You might get a paper cut, and this ability will let you heal up. 


Pyrotechnics Supplies: Costs 40 muns. 25-Pounders are almost totally blind and can only see red smoke. There is also only one meaningful interaction it can have with the things it sees: making them explode. Unlocks the Coordinated Barrage ability. 

Medical Supplies: Costs 30 muns. I’m convinced that these are tea bricks. Unlocks the Distribute Medical Supplies ability. 

Field Commandos

Costs 350 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 9

Now one thing you have to understand about commandos…we’ve all heard the stories. Elite of the elite British soldiers attacking Germans in the dead of night, destroying supply depots, slitting throats, and just being awesome at their job. Christopher Lee was a Special Forces Commando and on the set of Lord of the Rings, he had said that he doesn’t need to imagine the sound a man makes when they are stabbed in the back. He knows exactly the sound they make and knows how to act this scene. He took the secrets of many… MANY untoward things that the British government had ordered him to do to the grave with him, and put duty and honor before all else. 


Commandos were an all volunteer organization. They volunteered to be part of the Special Service Brigade, so unlike many who were drawn up in a desperate attempt to repel Germany, to safeguard their homes, because they didn’t feel like going through all the trouble of learning another language or knew that all those crumpets would make looking good in a tight leather uniform outright impossible, Commandos WANTED to be here. Because they enjoy the idea of spilling a Nazi’s blood that much. To accomplish this, Field Commandos spawn in with close-range Sten Guns and camouflage in cover. So Han and his buddies could be taking a nice relaxing walk through the woods when BAM, lead♥♥♥♥♥♥♥out of nowhere. They also have a lovely collection of abilities to ensure that anything with an iron cross stamped on it is served a heaping helping of shame with a side of suck it. 

Demolition Charge: Costs 90 muns. The classic activity of commandos, be it from WW2 documentaries or reruns of Hogan’s Heroes, Commandos are either shooting someone, stabbing someone, or blowing them up. 

Hold Fire: Toggled ability. Disables the weaponry of the commando team so they can hide, and turns it back on to spring the trap. 

Light Gammon Bomb: Costs 35 muns. Like a normal Gammon bomb, but smaller, lighter, less explodey, but can be thrown a further distance. 

Sprint: Increases the commando squad’s movement speed for 5 seconds, letting them get within close range of the enemy to do what they do best. 

Ambush: Passive ability. When breaking from camouflage, Commandos see an increase in movement speed and attack damage. Quite a nasty surprise! 

Light Smoke Grenade: Costs 15 muns. Throws a grenade that creates a modest smoke cloud. In case things go south with the ambush and that machine gunner spots your team too early, throw one of these just in front of him. Then, pop sprint and race through the ensuing cloud, murder boners at full mast. 

Can build only dragged line Sandbags. These men aren’t men to take cover. They’re meant to take enemy lives. Except to use to cloak so they can get into position to take said lives. In which case, it’s okay.

Royal Engineer Demolition Team

Cost 210 mp
Squad size 4
Pop Cap 5

Also known as “Sappers”, this squad of questionable mental stability is addicted to blowing things up, even to the point of modifying explosives they have received from the Americans so that they go off if so much as a fly farts on it. They are armed with the usual quartet of close-range Sten Guns to ward off inquisitive Nazis, and have a reasonable handful of abilities but no upgrades. 


Decoy Barrage: Costs 50 muns. Otherwise known as a troll drop. Flares fall, men panic, people flee for their lives… but British artillery never lands to end them. 

Specialist Repair: The same as regular repair, but the vehicle repaired will be tuned to possess the Emergency War speed ability, making them 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%. Buildings do not move any faster. They have only two speeds: stationary and exploding. 

Destroy Cover: Places a smell demo charge to destroy little bits of cover so as to deny them to the enemy. Quite useful for making a machine gun killing field quickly. 

Trip Wire Flares: Costs 10 muns. Places a small, low-yield anti-personnel mine that fires a flare when it is triggered so commandos known which way to start looking for witless targets. 

Plant Demolition Charge: Costs 90 muns. Places a large amount of what amounts of C4 that will go off when it is clicked again. Useful for destroying structures, setting ice traps, and creating the first space program where the British send the first German to the moon. 

Modified M6 Mine: Costs 30 muns. Considered a constructible more than an ability, this is the same mine dropped by the American utility car but has been modified so that infantry will set it off as well. This is massive overkill and is capable of decimating a squad in an instant. Pro-tip: put these on roads and on resource points. Because sneak up on me and get your literal @ss blown off, son.

Land Mattress Multiple Rocket Launcher

Cost 300mp/40 fuel
Pop Cap 10

I’ve actually already covered this previously in its emplacement incarnation. The fuel cost is the same, but it requires slightly less mp to move this to the front. The mobile version has the same abilities and range as its emplacement counterpart, and the only real differences between the two are durability and that the emplacement version possesses two upgrades, improved fortifications and forward spotters, while the mobile version does not.

M3 Half-Track

Cost 270mp/30 fuel
Pop Cap 5

HEYYY!!! I REMEMBER YOU! 😀 This is a nice little half-track sunderer on loan from the Americans, and it’s still just wonderful. It carries two squads that can fit in the back and take shots at any hostiles they spot on the scenic route to the front, and can spawn an infinite amount of reinforcements from what is apparently thin air. Sadly, it does not have the repair aura power the American version does, as that has been moved to the Forward Assembly, and we had to make room for the tea set (these F*cking degenerate Brits and their beverage obsession) but it still an exquisite machine that no defensive point or forward operating base should do without. 


Weapon Deployment: The M3 has changed a bit under its ownership by the British and deploys different armaments. You can toss Vickers K LMG’s, Bren MG’s, and PIATs on the ground for 70/45/50 muns a piece respectively. Having a constant flow of reinforcements and replacement squads for the M3’s current position, mixed with this ability, means that no matter what the Nazis throw at you, the good old reliable M3 has you covered. 

Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. The M3 is covered by a smoke screen and is immobilized while the crew engages in some very fast repairs. Useful if you’re in the enemy’s sights, and are worried that you might explode before getting in the clear. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Valentine Mk. XI Tank

Cost 300 mp/80 fuel
Pop Cap 7

Despite being classified as a light tank, which would put it in the same category as that mean, angry PO’D little chihuahua, the Stuart, I think it would be more accurate to classify this as a spotter tank. It has the same cannon size as the Sherman at 75mm, meaning that most German armor is going to laugh at you when your shells bounce like Jade Kush on reverse cowgirl night, but it is very fast, and has a slough of abilities that can often be more helpful than a giant face-smashing tank ever could be. 


Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. Nothing you haven’t seen before. The Valentine will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Hold Fire: When you’re observing someone and getting ready to bring the hammer down, the last thing you want is for Tommy’s trigger finger to get itchy. This toggles the guns off and on again. 

Prioritize vehicles: Not sure why you’d want this since part of the Valentine’s job is infantry support, and that means murdering the meat on the other side, but the option is there. 

Observation Mode: THIS is why I call it a spotter tank. This toggle shuts off the guns, and vastly increases the Valentine’s sight range in every direction. When it spots something, well….remember those 25-pounders at the base? Aside from them, the Valentine has another little buddy that I’ll mention later, but regardless, there’s going to be sauerkraut and fascism splattered all over the AO. 

Smoke Screen: Costs 30 muns. It’s all fine and well that the Valentine can save itself, but sometimes, the rank and file need saving. This ability flings a series of 6 smoke bombs at the targeted area at a rather rapid pace, generating ample cover so that the infantry can save the tea leaves and the good china set. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Concentrated Sexton Barrage: Costs 35 muns. This calls in every Sexton Self-Propelled Artillery piece on the map to fire at this point with an augmentation to damage output. If they’re not in range, they’ll move up to do so, so mind that they don’t drive head-long into a Panzer IV. Each Sexton will fire 8 shells at the targeted area, which means that if you have no taste, like to play as Axis, and see a Valentine, not only has it already seen you, it likely has a few angels sitting on its shoulder with a mind to turn you and yours into a smoldering memory at the bottom of a crater. 

Company Command Post

Cost 200 mp/fuel 80

This unlocks the final tier of British technology, providing such gems as the Cromwell, the Firefly, and the Churchill. It also clears infantry to begin work on the 17-Pounder AT gun and the 25-Pounder artillery cannon.

Centaur AA Mk. II Cruiser Tank

Cost 320mp/100 fuel
Pop Cap 10

Despite being classified as an AA tank, those rapid fire guns work just as good at shredding meat on the ground. The British saw fit to take everything that was great about the American AA Half-Track and mount it in a MBT chassis. Even if the Germans haul up AT squad weapons to the front line, this thing is likely going to tear them apart before they can do much damage, especially since its bullets explode a bit when hitting something. Against anything heavier than a light vehicle though, it does scratch damage. 


Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. Nothing you haven’t seen before. The Centaur will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Hold Fire: Toggles the weapons on and off. Again, not sure why you’d want this. Ambushing infantry in a tank? Even if they can’t see you, you know that giant engine belching diesel fumes isn’t exactly subtle, right? 

Anti-Aircraft Mode: This disables the tank’s movement but directs its turret to the sky to turn the Luftwaffe into LolWaffe. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

20mm Strafing Fire: Costs 30 muns and requires Vet 1. Pick point A, and then select point B. The Centaur will then fire back and forth at the designated area, mulching any infantry dumb enough to try and cross it’s line of death.

Sexton Self-Propelled Artillery

Cost 375 mp/90 fuel
Pop Cap 14

I probably would have gone with the “plagiarism” instead for a name. The Sexton is a British vehicle that had been designed by Canadian Engineers who were ripping off the American M3 Lee. Named after the custodian of a church, specifically it’s graveyard, the Sexton does an excellent job of putting cold German bodies in the ground and fills the same role as the Priest for the Americans. It is armed with the same 25-pounder as many other artillery emplacements in the British military, and was created as a means to stop using the Valentine to carry the same weapon. Amusingly, the Valentine’s chassis left the driver and gunner little room to elevate the gun so they opted to drive onto dirt mounds and small hills to get that little bit of extra range, just because they care. All parties agree, however, that the Sexton chassis is much better suited for such operations and it possesses the usual standard fare as far as artillery abilities go with a little bit of extra sugar and spice here and there, but no upgrades. 


25-Pounder Barrage: fires 8 3.5inch shells at the targeted area with the express purpose of turning all of Hans’ treasured childhood memories of eating schnitzel in Dusseldorf into a fine pink mist. 

Creeping Barrage: Costs 50 muns. This commands the Sexton to fire in a line from Point A to Point B. In actual WW2 combat, the British conducted intricate patterns of barrages to trick the Germans into thinking their aim had moved on, only to swiftly double back and play whack-a-mole with anyone who thought it was a good idea to break cover. Just a little FYI if you end up having more than one Sexton and want to mix things up a little.

3-Inch Self Propelled Artillery M10 Mk. 1

Cost 300mp/90 fuel
Pop Cap 10

Hey! Do you recognize this thing? You should. The British have gone to great lengths to disguise it, but this is actually the M10 Wolverine that they swiped from the Americans! It still does its usual thing of meeting new and exciting tanks and killing them, but has been modified quite a bit to do things that didn’t even occur to Patton. Like all tank destroyers, it has no machine gun or even the potential upgrade to acquire one, it’s speedy, excelling in range, and lacking in armor. 


Light Artillery Barrage: Cost 35 muns. Say you’re fighting a tank and clearly winning, but he throws down smoke or treats into the fog of war. The M10 can convert its weapon into a kind of short-range artillery and nail that sucker with any of 6 fired rounds if your aim is good. But when I say short range, I mean nearly half that of other artillery pieces. Almost to that of a mortar. Still, if it’s not doing anything else, why not? 

Flanking Speed: Ah, it’s good to see you again, American ability. Beneath all the modifications, the softly playing classical music, the clank of tea cups, and the smell of crumpets, it’s still a Wolverine. It just needs a little reminding is all. Click the button and it will launch into action, increasing movement speed and firing more accurately on the move. 

Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. The Wolverine will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability.

Cromwell MK. IV Cruiser Tank

Costs 340mp/110 fuel
Pop Cap 12

Named after civil war leader, Oliver Cromwell…. no, not the American civil war, the OTHER one. Not that one either… The British one, FFS! You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Maybe I should just stick to the topic at hand. The Cromwell is, unfortunately, a tank of compromise. The Rolls-Royce Meteor engine within it grants moderate speed for a MBT, and its armor is also middling. The 75mm cannon does average damage, and basically everything about this tank is average. Even it’s cost is moderate enough to not break the bank. It doesn’t excel in any particular way, nor does a weakness stand out. All the things they wanted to do to make this excel at war, they ended up not having room for. Truth be told, it doesn’t even have any abilities or upgrades that really grab the attention of the CoH2 player base. When in doubt, get a Cromwell. It won’t let you down, but it’s not about to win the war for you either. 


Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. The Cromwell will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Fire Smoke Shell: Costs 20 muns. The most note-worthy thing a Cromwell can do. It loads a smoke shell into the turret and fires it at the target. The cooldown on this is surprisingly short. Short enough that you could make multiple smoke clouds at once if you felt like it.

Sherman Firefly

Costs 440mp/155 fuel
Pop Cap 16

Something of a legend, the Sherman Firefly defies the normal rule of German Armor Superiority. It’s 17-Pounder main gun is so large that early attempts had trouble with the weight distribution, meaning that when you fired the gun, the tank tended to get knocked over. Eventually, however, they worked out the kinks, and this become one of the few Allied tanks that could reliably pierce German armor at range. While not a tank destroyer per se in that it possesses good armor, a slowish speed, and a machine gun mounted to the turret, it’s 17-pounder main gun makes a mockery of targets that previously thought themselves untouchable. 


Tulip Rocket Strafe: Costs 80 muns. The Firefly is quickly bucking for position for my favorite tank in CoH2. Not only does it have that massive, beautiful gun, it can mount ROCKETS to its hull for even more anti-armor work. These race forward after a moment to aim and explode at max distance, or when making contact with an enemy tank. 

Emergency War Speed: Costs 40 muns. The Firefly will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability.

Vehicle Crew Repairs: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Prioritize Vehicles: Toggled ability to ignore infantry. While not as much of a waste as other tank destroyers, the Firefly is probably better off annihilating armor with its 17-pounder.

Comet Tank

Costs 500 mp/185 fuel
Pop Cap 18

If you think this looks familiar, you’re not wrong. Remember how I said that the Cromwell was a tank of compromise? By the time they crammed everything into it that they wanted, bigger gun, larger engine, more armor plating, they decided to rebrand it as an entirely new tank, the Comet. This is a rather fast and agile tank, and it’s big 76mm gun, while not as damaging as the Firefly, does enough that it will definitely chip one of Hans’ teeth. 


Crew Self-Defense: Costs 20 muns. We’ve all been there. Blasted tank has thrown a tread, and the enemy is closing in. What do you do? Simple. Open the top hatch and chuck a grenade out. The grenade has a moderate fuse and handles everything from a German squad trying to C4 your big expensive comet to offensive applications where you take an enemy weapon team and turn them into little tiny patches of floor ketchup. 

Fire Smoke Shell: costs 20 muns. Much like it’s Cromwell predecessor, the Comet can fire out smoke shells at a fairly fast rate. It scares the living hell out of enemy weapons teams where, instead of an explosion, they just get smoked and blinded. They think it’s not so bad…until Commando Christopher Lee puts a knife in their back. 

Vehicle Crew Repairs: Costs 40 muns. The Cromwell will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank

Costs 490 mp/160 fuel
Pop Cap 16

This tank originally began its run as a political gotcha move. While its armor was impressive, it was plagued by technical problems, and thus named after the, then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as a sleight from his enemies, much to his chagrin. Eventually, they worked all the kinks out, and by its 7th incarnation, we are presented with a tank perfectly capable of fighting them on the beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets, hills, bars, over the bar tab, or wherever else you want. Armed with a 75mm gun and AMPLE armor to the point where, in a one on one engagement, the Churchill is going to shrug off shells like the Prime Minister shrugs off insults from irritating ugly women about his drinking habits, this is a tank most definitely worth the price. 


Crew Self Defense: Costs 20 muns. Whereas Winston tossed verbal hand grenades in politics, the ones being tossed by the tank bearing his name and using this ability are very much real. They’re not flashbangs though, but they will flash and they will bang. Great way to turn the crew of an AT gun into meat confetti without too much trouble or damage. 

Infantry Support Smoke: Costs 30 muns. Very much like walking behind the Prime Minister, infantry are shrouded in an unending stream of cigar smoke to the point they they cannot be seen. Ideal for surprise Sten Gun slaughters. 

Vehicle Crew Repair: Costs 40 muns. The Churchill will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.


Tank Commander: Costs 25 muns. Enlists a commander that likes to poke his head up and scan the horizon for baddies, even during the midst of battle. His presence provides additional sight radius, accuracy for the main gun, and the crew will earn exp faster. He’ll also point out camouflaged units, and at a very reasonable price in muns. If you’re going to grab a churchill, take this old fartbag along. 

Defend with Small Arms: Costs 45 muns. During WW1, tanks largely functioned as rolling pieces of cover where infantry could fire machine guns out of it. It offends the Churchill tremendously that this practice has fallen by the way side, and now, her crew defends the sides of this majestic cast iron b*tch with their lives and small arms. 

Armored Skirts: Costs 90 muns and requires Vet 1. The Churchill tanks are creatures of extremes. In this case, this refers to its armor value. Already impressive, this upgrade increases the durability of the tank, but decreases its maximum speed. But hey, flanking and speedy work is what the Comet is for, right?

Churchill AVRE

Cost 560 mp/160 fuel
Pop Cap 18

Holy crap….this freakin thing… I’m of the position that they should call it the Churchill OMFG. It’s largely the same as the previous tank, but this variant replaces the 75mm cannon with a 290mm Mortar!!Dubbed the “Flying Dustbin”, the mortar hits so hard that enemy squads are reduced to a violent spray of crimson rain, and vehicles suffer extreme damage with the crew thoroughly concussed if not killed outright. You fire it at a hill, you’ve got a lovely field to drive through now. You fire it at the mountain, the mountain becomes a past tense entity. Emplacements become a fond memory with only a scorch mark as a reminder of where it used to stand. I cannot over-emphasize how utterly ridiculous this weapon is. If you opt to purchase the British DLC, you should field this tank at least once to get your money’s worth. Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go buy one. 


Fire 290mm Petard Mortar: operates the most powerful weapon seen in WW2 until the Nagasaki and Hiroshima incidents, at least as far as I know. Words fail to do this thing justice. Just point, click, and get behind something. 

Vehicle Crew Repair: Costs 40 muns. Every other British vehicle seems to have this and Emergency War speed, but for the AVRE, it’s somewhat more justified. In the unlikely event that your target survives the mortar hit, you’re going to need to deal with a hefty reload time, during which they can fire back and you’ll need to repair and vanish for a bit until help arrives. Also, the mortar does some fairly massive splash, and tends to hit things in the environment instead of its target. Accidents can happen… 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.


Defend with Small Arms: Costs 45 muns. Because the AVRE lacks a tank turret, if there are survivors from the initial mortar blast, things can get a bit dicey, which is why the crew can be allowed to fire from the sides of the tank to deter would be infantry bravely. 

Armored Skirts: Costs 90 muns. Increases durability and decreases maximum speed, but at this point, I’m more convinced that this is to prevent damage from mishaps with the mortar. This tank is the picture of “danger to themselves and others”.

Churchill Crocodile

Cost 640 mp/230 fuel
Pop Cap 20

The most expensive tank, or even the most expensive ANYTHING in the British Arsenal. This variant of the Churchill swaps out a machine gun for a frontal hull mounted flamethrower with very respectable range! While still keeping the MG mounted to the turret! For all those times you want to set some Germans on fire, but really don’t feel like walking all the way over there. I’m not really sure if its worth the price tag, surpassing even that of the noble Pershing, but where this thing goes, victory tends to follow. 


Flame Saturation: Costs 50 muns and requires Vet 1. The gunner lays on the trigger for the cooker, providing a non-stop stream of fiery liquid death for 10 seconds. If there’s anything left after this, it’s a good chance you found Johnny Torch. Failing that, the Ghost Rider. 

Fire Smoke Shell: Costs 20 muns. As if this monster wasn’t creating enough smoke. One tactic to use with this is to blind a deployed weapons team, and then use the attack ground command to set the area where you last saw them on fire. 

Hold Fire: Toggles the weapons on and off. Why? Why would you toggle this? The Crocodile is so good at setting people on fire that it’s crew depletes the supply depots of marshmallows in every town they visit. So, why would you deny them their fun? Are you some kind of monster? 

Prioritize Vehicles: Again, why would you toggle this? The 75mm is respectable, but scores of enemy tanks is what Churchill’s buddy, the Firefly, is for. 

Vehicle Crew Repair: Costs 40 muns. The Churchill will blanket itself in smoke and engage in a few quick repairs. Most British vehicles have this ability. 

Emergency War Speed: A British Engineer has to prime this ability before it can be used, but when it is activated, it makes the vehicle 25% harder to hit, and increases its speed by 15%, and acceleration by 30%.

Mobile Command Center

Cost 100mp/fuel 15

Now, this is actually included in the tier (?) upgrade for free, but if the unthinkable happens and it’s destroyed, no worries. You can just rebuild it for a modest cost. It produces a medley of troops, and has some nice upgrades as well, but they are mutually exclusive to one another. 


Unlock Boys Weapon Rack: costs 80 muns. Oh now this is a NICE choice. This brings a shipment of Boys anti-material rifles and lets the rank and file have at them, giving them the ability to safely and reliably put hyper-velocity shells through the engine blocks of Axis vehicles. But the Tank Hunters have two of these by default, and PIATS are cheaper, so it’s up to you whether or not you want this. 

Lock Down: Costs 80 muns. This renders the sector that the MCC is currently located in unable to be captured by the enemy, no matter how many troops they put on the point. They MUST destroy the MCC before proceeding onward. This opens up all kinds of defensive advantages where instead of orienting your defenses around the resource point, you arrange them to defend the MCC instead so long as it’s within the sector you want to hold. 

Build Time Upgrade: Costs 80 muns. If neither of the previous options thrill you, how about churning out everything the MCC can train for you in half the time? Who doesn’t want a never ending stream of commandos and snipers? Sounds pretty good to me!

Forward Observation Officer

Cost 355 mp
Squad Size 5
Pop Cap 6

This Officer himself is armed with a pistol, and his squad mates carry a Bren and several bolt actions, making them rather competent at ranged combat. The Officer is also able to use several abilities to coordinate artillery fire, or inspire the men, making this squad a very good investment. 


Coordinated Sexton Barrage: Costs 15 muns. This empowers all the Sextons that you control on the map, and make them fire where the Officer has directed. Each Sexton will launch 5 shells, and is highly efficient. Not only does it murder Germans in the radius, it blows up so much dirt that it will bury them all too. 

Airburst Sexton Barrage: Costs 15 muns. This does the same thing as the previous ability, but uses infantry splashing airburst shells instead. These stun vehicles at best, but garden blobs nicely. 

Officer Charge: Costs 30 muns. The officer, and every squad around him, move at maximum speed for 10 seconds. Given how defensive the British tend to play, dozens of soldiers coming screaming out of the wood work and smashing into the enemy front lines with mills bombs and sten guns can be a rather nasty surprise. 

Raid Operation: Costs 50 muns. Allows British infantry and vehicles to capture points very quickly. Combined with officer charge, this could break an enemy’s map control very easily.

Infiltration Commandos

Cost 370 mp
Squad Size 5
Pop Cap 9

These guys can cause all manner of problems for the enemy because, not only are they equipped with the standard tools of the trade for Commandos, they can call in a Forward Logistics Glider to spawn a never ending parade of cloaking, SMG toting, democharge laying badasses. 


Light Gammon Bomb: Costs 35 muns. Smaller splash radius than a regular gammon, but costs less muns and can be thrown father. Ideal for repainting the landscape with the exploded remains of artists formerly known as weapons teams. 

Sprint: Increases running speed for 5 seconds, and you know what Commandos like to do if they can get in close. 

Light Smoke Grenade: Costs 15 muns and requires Vet 1. Blocks line of sight and grants cover so that your commandos can sprint up and turn those ugly run-down Germans into lovely corpses. 

Forward Logistics Glider: Costs 540 mp. Calls down a fairly large glider that offers commandos, a reinforcement point, and medics to tend to the injured. Most often the start of something really bad for an Axis fanboy.

Royal Marine Commandos

Costs 320 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 8

Surprisingly, these guys have swiped a couple Thompsons from the Americans! Looks like the US has its own fanboys. Obviously, this makes them very effective at close range, and they have their own ability pack that makes them very effective CQC fighters. 


Assault Grenades: Costs 45 muns. Commandos shower the targeted position in grenades. A bit excessive, but I do so enjoy a good spray of meat confetti. 

Tactical Assault: Costs 20 muns. Steadies weapons and increases accuracy for up to medium range combat, but renders the Commandos more susceptible to return fire themselves. 

Smoke ’em and Blind ’em: Costs 40 muns and requires vet 1. Oh now this is evil. The target is blanketed in smoke, blocking their line of sight, but the caster is provided sight from flares from above. You still can’t shoot targets mired in smoke, but you can keep an eye on them and be right there next to them when it clears.

Medic Carrier

Cost 300mp
Pop Cap 3

I was expecting something like the ambulance for the Americans, but no… this is just a universal carrier that spawns on the field with a trio of medics in the back. *Kevin Costner voice* DISAPPOINTED!!!

Radio Post

Cost 80mp/5 fuel

Ah, the humble radio post. While it can only be built in the HQ sector, and does almost nothing by itself, it’s like bringing a keg to a beach party. I love the things it attracts. It has a total of 3 upgrades, and all that they do is unlock the corresponding field commander. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been looking forward to this. 


Artillery Commander: Cost 300 mp/35 fuel
Airborne Commander: Cost 250 mp/30 fuel
Paradrop Commander: Cost 200 mp/20 fuel

Artillery Lieutenant

Cost 180 mp
Squad Size 3
Pop Cap 6

Lieutenant? Not commander? One too many friendly fire incidents, eh? At any rate, the AL is utterly worthless at combat. To the point that if he is involved in direct fighting at all, you have made a mistake with your play style. Instead, his strength lies in muns, and all the creative uses that the British have for them. He has abilities for days, but no upgrades. 


Early Warning: Costs 60 muns. Artillery fires flares over the enemy sectors that border yours seemingly randomly, but the coverage is pretty good all the same. You just need to make sure the AL is on or near the front so he can take advantage of the sight these flares bring because, unlike other commander abilities, this does NOT share a cooldown with the rest of them. You can fire this off and instantly bring fire and thunder down before Claus can ask “Hey, Hans, what’s that in the sky?” 

Concentration Barrage: Costs 100 muns. This orders all 25-Pounders at the base and all in emplacement batteries set to join the barrage to quickly fire at the target location. It has a longer range than Coordinated Barrage, but each battery only fires 3 shots instead of 8 from the base and 5 from everywhere else. This also does not inflict a shared cooldown, and AL is free to call down more divine intervention whenever he pleases. 

9.75 Inch Flame Mortar Support: Costs 110 muns. Basically an incendiary barrage. Nothing too fancy. Mortar shells loaded with napalm gel are fired into the area from off the map, and coat the entire targeting circle in a generous layer of liquid fire. Doesn’t do jack to vehicles, but infantry are going to have a hard time. 

Perimeter Overwatch: Costs 225 muns. If the enemy is making a charge, fire this off. It’s one heck of a light show, I tell you what. Any enemy unit that enters territory that you have already claimed will get slaughtered by artillery and off-map mortar strikes. It’s expensive, but it lasts for 2 minutes. If you have 50 muns per minute coming in, you can afford to keep this on a good half of the time. 

Precision Barrage: Costs 200 muns. Artillery strikes the targeted area repeatedly and heavily with a very tight shot pattern. More than enough to ruin a defensive line, or a bold mortar team with escort that had been pestering you. Talk about killing mosquitoes with a cannon though. 

Artillery Cover: Costs 180 muns. This is like Perimeter Overwatch, but only works in an area instead of every territory you have. Infantry are slaughtered with light artillery fire, vehicles are disabled with howitzers and friendly damaged vehicles will get some cover with a volley of smoke shells so their crews can get out and repair without fear. A very nice ability to does damage and offers utility at the same time.

Concentrated Fire Operation: Cost 250 muns. I don’t know the exact size of the shells coming in off the top of my head, but they sound bloody MASSIVE. They scream whenever they come in instead of whistling. When they hit, they send a dirt plume into the air at least 100 feet high, and absolutely decimate anything they land remotely near. There’s quite a delay between each shot, but I can’t imagine something that would survive a direct hit from one of these. The shared cooldown from using this is HEFTY as well and will put AL out of action for a number of minutes while these monstrosities reload. If you plan on sending troops into the area, why not soften it up a bit with this ability first? OBVIOUSLY, these things leave craters and it sends a message that you are crazy and have muns to spare. This is your WW2 Wave Motion Gun.

Royal Air Force General

Cost 180 mp
Squad Size 3
Pop Cap 6

The 2nd of your spellcaster type officers, the RAF is just as well rounded as AL with a good mix of scouting powers, friendly front line assistance, area bombardment, and an ultimate that will deplete most of your muntions stockpile but is visually spectacular and leave only a few survivors to tell the tale. Like the other spellcaster units, the RAF general is pretty useless at direct combat, so dance him behind fortifications and moved up within range of the target area as needed. 


Recon Sweep: Costs 60 muns. Calls in a fast aerial scout that travels in a linear path from the closest edge of the map to your cursor and proceeds in the direction you specify. Good for revealing targets for further bombardment since this ability doesn’t have a cooldown that is shared with RAF’s other powers. 

Recon Assault: Costs 90 muns. Despite the name, there’s no real “assault” about this. All it does is call in a trio of recon planes that sweep over enemy territory. Their sight range is pretty large, and depending on the size of the playing field, you could end up revealing the entire map for a few seconds. Unlike Recon Sweep, this DOES have a cooldown shared with other abilities. 

Hold the Line!: Costs 200 muns. Similar to perimeter overwatch, aircraft are called in to patrol your territory. If enemy units are spotted, they’ll get a tender massage of machine gun bullets and rockets. 

Strafing Support: Costs 200 muns. This designates an area where a pair of hawker typhoons will patrol. They’ll deliberately aim for enemies that are spotted for them with rocket and machine gun, but can’t hit what is shrouded by fog of war. You’ll need commandos, a sniper, or a recon squad in the area to make the most of this power. 

Air Supremacy Operation: Costs 250 muns. This is the ultimate I was speaking of before, and it is glorious. There are several intricate stages of this, wheels within wheels, y’know? First, a recon plane will fly over to see who’s home. Next, a pair of Typhoons will pass over the designated area, showering it with a quick strafe of machine guns and rockets. Then, the piece de resistance… a squadron of heavy bombers will turn the area into a parking lot by carpet bombing it all with 3 salvos of heavy bombs. It’s enough to turn whatever German forces that were unlucky enough not to get out of the way into a moist stain on the newly formed glass. Costs a TON of muns, but this is one of those powers where even a grazing hit will utterly decimate an army, paving the way for yet another British victory.

Air Chief Marshall

Cost 180 mp
Squad Size 3
Pop Cap 6

Like his buddy, the FSC in America, the ACM is a master logistician that is capable of deploying exactly what you need just when you need it. German machine gunners got you down? He knows a guy that is *good (excessively violent) at *problem solving (slitting throats). Tanks too expensive and you have no map control? He’ll bribe someone at BP to turn their back for a few seconds and get a shipment together. Like the FSC I covered before him, the Marshall is everyone’s best friend and his presence means that the bad times are over. 


Paradrop QF 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun
Cost 270 mp

Drops an uncrewed AT gun onto the field. Given that, if you are a scrub and forget to deploy AT guns before enemy armor shows up, you might end up needing one of these yesterday with a Panther breathing down your neck and that big hard cannon prodding you inappropriate places. So, this isn’t really such a bad option to have. If possible though, it might be better to call these up from field command at paradrops are tremendously mp inefficient. (270 mp + 4 crew at 70 each = 550 mp)

Paradrop Vickers Heavy Machine Gun
Cost 260 mp

This drops a nice dakka MG onto the field, crewless of course, that your men can pick up and hold the line with. Since MG teams are so cheap and available early on, the only reason you might need one of these is if your forward push encounters a blob that it just can’t handle. Being able to drop in some suppression on the unwary could be useful, and looks cool AF. As with all paradrops, it is tremendously mp inefficient and you’re paying as much for the uncrewed machine gun as you would for a fully functional team from Field Command. 

Fuel Supply Drop
Cost 250 mp

Drops a single crate of 30 fuel onto the field. Considering how defensive the British tend to be and how expensive their tanks are, I’m REALLY happy that this ability made it into the mod. Sadly, it’s muns counterpart is not present, but that would likely just be unfair with AL and RAF able to roflstomp enemies repeatedly with their ultimates. 

Infiltration Commandos
Cost 370 mp

This paradrops in a squad of commandos skilled in the art of infiltration, scouting and…well, frankly bizarre logistics. At Vet 1, they can call in a forward logistics glider to invite some of their buddies over for the party. They’re armed with close range silenced sten guns, like most other commandos, and have a number of abilities to facilitate the fine art of murder. Refer to my entry on them prior in this guide for specifics. 

Air Resupply Operation
Cost 125 mp/80 muns

This is a lovely little logistics power that drops a medley of uncrewed weapons onto the field, and a crate of what simply must be Earl Grey. Picking it up gives the infantry unit who did so a buff where they are inspired with 15% more accuracy, and enemies that shoot at them do with 13% less accuracy. They are also constantly healed for 30 seconds, but if they enter combat, the healing stops. Finally, calling this in triggers a map-wide buff where all your units in friendly territory move and reinforce faster. Honestly, if you got whupped recently and are on the back foot, this one power is enough to swing things back in your favor if you were floating enough resources to make the most of it.

And finally, his last ability calls in a…

Commando Insertion Glider

Costs 390 mp
Pop Cap 9

This calls in a large, fragile glider that contains a squad of Glider Commandos, and can produce more commandos of its own. I should warn that this thing is bloody massive and will have trouble fitting in most places, and I must stress that it is FRAGILE. It is made of wood, chief. Calling it down in a narrow area is likely to snap the wings off, but don’t fret, it’ll still work just fine. 


Glider Commandos 
Costs 350 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 8

More or less about the same as your regular garden variety commandos, except that they can upgrade their weaponry with a PIAT for 55 muns, or a Bren LMG for 70 muns. They possess the usual gamut of commando abilities with light smoke bombs, demo charges, gammon bombs and a sprint to charge at the enemy (French squads use this to run in the opposite direction), can cloak in cover and have increased damage and movement speed when bursting out of it. Overall, a solid choice. 

PIAT Commandos
Costs 400 mp
Squad size 4
Pop Cap 8

Like other types of Commandos, but they spawn with a pair of PIAT launchers, making for really nasty surprise attacks since their ambush passive of increased damage when attacking out of cover also applies to their PIATs. I imagine that it wouldn’t take much to vaporize German armor with the rest of the squad keeping riff-raff off the tank hunters before slipping away back into the night. I would recommend being rather aggressive with these guys and setting up ambushes. Leave the static AT defenses to the 6-pounders. There’s Axis armor out there that is roaming happy and free, and I don’t like that kind of thing.

Airlanding Officer
Costs 280 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 4

A CQC squad that spawns with a quartet of Sten Guns and some nifty abilities that aid in tactical f*ckery (Steam doesn’t like it when I swear, but DAMMIT, I’m going to do it anyway). He doesn’t cloak in cover like commandos can, sadly, but he should be able to hold his own in urban combat. Long Range open combat isn’t quite his tempo, though. 


Light Gammon Bomb: Costs 35 muns. It’s a big grenade. Throw it at someone. It sticks and explodes. You’re not going to kill any tanks with this, but it’ll trigger some nice meat confetti some an enemy squad if you get it to connect. 

Paradrop QF 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun
Costs 270 mp

Same call-in as the Air Chief Marshall. Useful if you need some AT support right damn now, but ask yourself… could I bring this up from the base and still be alive when it gets here? If the answer is yes, then you should just do that then. Waste not, Commanders. 

Officer Charge: Costs 30 muns. Okay, what in the hell is this “Oorah” thing I keep hearing about?! Are you all trying to say Hoorah? That’s the AMERICAN army, dum-dum! Anyway, this causes the officer and every unit around him to move at maximum speed so that you can blob over enemy positions like a tidal wave of cockney slang and lead. 

Recon Sweep: Costs 30 muns and requires Vet 1. You select a point, and determine an angle. A scouting aircraft will approach from the closest corner of the map and fly in the direction you ordered, revealing everything along the way. Sadly, the Airlanding officer isn’t able to do very much with this knowledge, but I imagine that if he reported this information to the Artillery Lieutenant or RAF General, they’d be more than happy to do something about it. Team work makes the dream work.

Forward Logistics Glider

Costs 540 mp and requires vet 1
Pop Cap 8

This calls in a fancier glider that can do everything the Insertion glider can, and a little more. It has a larger build selection, comes with an airlanding officer for free, and can act as a retreat point. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll be skipping the commando types that were covered in the previous glider because I have the utmost faith in your ability to scroll up and read all the garbage I just wrote about the GLIDER COMMANDOS, PIAT COMMANDOS, and AIRLANDING OFFICER. 

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Commandos
Costs 280 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 6

Don’t kid yourself. This is just your standard issue MG team in commandos’ clothing. They have no abilities, nor any upgrades. If they had the ambush and cover cloak abilities, they’d be noteworthy, but sadly, not the case. Moving on… 

Ordinance ML 3-Inch Mortar Commandos
Costs 300 mp
Squad Size 4
Pop Cap 6

And this is just a mortar team in commandos’ clothing with neither ambush nor cover cloak abilities. They can bombard an area with either raw explodium mortars, or smoke, and have no upgrades. 

British Medic Squad
Costs 180 mp
Squad size 3
Pop Cap 3

The same bugged squad as mentioned prior in this guide. They can heal and fire at enemies with pistols, but really, they’re pretty worthless. With the distribution of medical supplies to infantry sections, they’re not even that necessary anymore. 

Support Commandos
Costs 180 mp
Squad Size 3
Pop Cap 5

Basically, engineer commandos equally skilled in building up fortifications or dismantling them. They can also repair vehicles too!


Specialist Repair: Applies flex tape to a vehicle to restore its health. Also activates the Emergency War Speed ability for use. 

Destroy Cover: Blows up an in-game entity like cars or trees or crap like that so you can lay down your own fortifications where it once stood. Can also open up an area and deny cover to an enemy in the face of your 6 Vickers teams. 

Demolition Charge: Costs 90 muns. Click where you want the charge. Click again to blow it up. ‘Nuff said. 


Slit Trench. Free, so you might as well put them down. These are the non-ungradeable version. 

Wooden Bunker: Costs 50 mp. Surprisingly durable for being made of sticks. 

Watch Tower: Costs 150 mp. Extends the sight range of the squad that garrisons this. 

Sandbags. Dragged line variety. 

Razor Wire for infantry area denial. 

Tank Trap for vehicle area denial. 

Road Blocks for MORE vehicle area denial with bigger and tougher blocks, in case they didn’t get the message the first time. 

Modified M6 mine: Costs 30 muns. Works great against infantry or vehicles, and is almost always funny when you hear a distant boom, wonder what that was, and then remember placing them down….and we both have a little smile.

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