Conflict of Nations: World War 3 – Beginners Guide

This guide will hopefully help you progress in this game.

Basic Things


The most important thing in this game is that, you keep your economy on a good level. If your economy sucks, then your game is way harder, almost impossible.

Start of the Game

When you are joined to game, start building “Recruit Offices” after that you can make National guards. Soon as possible try to build “Arm’s industry”.

At start of the game, I suggest a tactic which is making NG’s (National guards). NG’s can secure your land and the start of the game it makes your homeland secured.

And the most important point, NG’s are cheap!

Don’t Mobilize These!

Don’t use time for armored units. Armored is the easiest things to eliminate in this game. Also the armored is most common used unit in the game. If you know how to destroy them, you are on a good position. Armored is expensive too, so use the materials for something else.

More Useful Information

All units have their own weaknesses and strengths.

Created by Knatterton

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