Contain – Beginners Guide

How to Play the Game

I just saw a negative review because the player didn’t know you could heal yourself. That sucks that simple concepts like looking at your HUD on screen for information, how to edit your character, general game aesthetics and story building are getting lost.

For anyone wondering, editing your character is as simple as walking to the locker room area, selecting gear that gives + and or – stats, using the GEAR icon on your vest to add more ammo, med kits, tools, you know all the stuff you need to be effective. There is also a tactical belt you can put on along with making sure you click the GEAR icon for your headgear and selecting a helmet and then night vision goggles if the level is dark so you don’t “get shot like the enemy always knows where I am”.

Also your dealing with anomalies that have taken over the bodies of dead operatives, of course they have insane killing accuracy. Take every step like a damn ghost is about to pop out. That’s where the tacti-cool comes in.

You’re not going to beat a level first time, every time. The AI is awesome in that it will react differently every time. Even the anomalies will differ on their reactions. Every run will be different and you have to be ready for anything every corner. The enemy operatives are also very aggressive towards sounds. If you run, expect to get shot, creep and you might have a chance. Try to pre-fire corners you suspect an enemy to be hiding around and their aggression towards sounds will draw them out for an easy kill.

“H” is to heal when you’re screen is altered or player is limping. There are two types of med-kits for these two types.

“B” is used to change between auto and single shot. PLEASE press B on any weapon that isn’t an SMG. Weapons perform better and shoot with almost the same pinpoint accuracy as the AI. Making sure your using single fire shots is a huge bonus to being able to survive gun fights.

There are lots of hidden secrets within levels to find and you can use them for some pretty fun stuff to mess with your friends.

The poor graphics in the hub level honestly looks like a post-process that just isn’t set right and I would assume if that’s the case its a simple fix since the actual playable levels themselves have better performance and quality from that post process. I wouldn’t think too hard about that one, its only the hub level.

Keep pressing the button to reload allows you to see the number of balls remaining.

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